This Goes Out To The Cat Fans Who Said I Have No Clue!!

Catsfan that pretty much describes what I thought of Porter in 2008.

After watching him perform in 2009, however, I am not so sure at all. . . I saw no development, only regression, and I guess I'll stop right there because we shouldn't be discussing or debating that on the Winnipeg boards. . .

.....i'll give you my take of Porter.....even though it is on OUR turf MadJack.. :lol:

...I see a big kid, with all of the tools to be a good qb. in this league.....HOWEVER.....he lacks that 'little extra something' .....I don't think he sees the field well....meaning if the called play comes apart he seems to have no ability to ad lib....pick-out a second receiver or buy some time....He resorts quickly to running the ball himself....and boy ...when good d's pick-up on that, they begin anticipating this move and you're pretty much dead in the water...Maybe he does need more playing time....although we've seen quite a bit of him..Porter reminds me of a few 'never was' types we have seen recently in the Peg....How do you become a 'natural' like Buck at the position?....answer most likely is you don't...some are just blessed with all of the skills....others have to work at it....and i believe Porter fits the category...'have to work at it'...Maybe one day, after acquiring more playing time he'll surprise everyone :roll: :roll:

Papa, you should not be praising yourself or totting your horn. Rememeber how this change of Bombers came about. By getting rid of Kelly and boycott last year. You supported Kelly and the nonsence that occurred with some others from this forum. Do not not dump on Ti cats. You may end up with more egg on your face. Bombers need to play Ti cats another 3 times. Glenn is not washed up like you say he is.

Still not happy, eh Sanjay?

go ‘Tott’ your own horn somewhere else…

umm who cares about last year. seriously are u glenn suitor? i dont need to hear about last year anymore. last year is irrelevant.

whats relevant tho.. its 500 ++ total yards vs 210 total yards for the ticats.

thats all that matters.

mike kelly who? ur not a real fan what?

ticat fans were expecting to dominate the bombers, the "experts" all had them pegged to take a run at the als.. LOL, it went to their heads and u can rest assured that when week 3 rolls around the bombers are 2-0 and the cats are 0-2, that the bombers will be the ones burying them. Whats the excuse gonna be then?

they talk that rottier got owned, he did, but so did every other onlineman also. It wasnt just because of 1 olineman playing poorly. IT WAS THE WHOLE TICAT TEAM

dont know if u realize this, but... 3 missed fg's because of bad snaps = add 8 more points cuz he got a single on 1, take away 1 return from the ticats.. and its.. u ready.. doon doon doon... 57-22.

Ticats arent as good as some beleive and the bombers arent as bad.

just wait till week 3. Bombers will bury the cats IN HAMILTON. u can bet on that.

.......sanjay my ol buds....long time no hear from you....Say ...have you been getting serious about your seating at the new stadium know the one you and housedog said wouldn't EVER get built :lol: ,,,I will venture to say you will be about as right on the success of the Bombers in 2010 as you were about the new stadium..... :wink: Glenn ain't washed-up....we just 'dusted him-up' a bit last game....He's a gamer....maybe not quite a Pierce but what the hey...My take-on Kelly was very clear at the end of last year, after the assault charge and the never-ending fiasco with the guy...He lost any support he had with the fans ...including myself....dead-issue,it;s being handled internally :lol: also.. I can't find the time for 'horn totting'....something that never really caught on with me... :lol: :lol:

Hi Killer... I understand this is a Bomber forum... so I'm not going to go on about how disrespectful you are acting about facing the Ticats in week 3. Remember who the overconfident ones were this week? And what happened to them?

Anyway, please don't accuse me of trolling, because your team did indeed score a great win on Fri night and it was well-earned. It is true you dominated us in most aspects of the game, and we did walk away with egg on our collective faces. :oops:

Just need to set out a few reminders, on top of the one given above:
-The Ticats were going up against 'a big question mark' in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in their week 1 matchup. WPG's coaching staff, GM, and many players were new. There were new schemes, playbooks, etc... ,and absolutely no one in the league knew what to expect from them. Now they know. This game film will be used for next week's game, and next week's game film will be used for the game after, etc... Hamilton had no game film to work with. Many first year coaches win their very first game for this reason (Richie Hall, Bart Andrus, Greg Marshall, etc...) Not making an excuse, Cats still should have played better. But don't think every victory will be as easy as this one.

-Your victory, however great as it was, did overshadow some minor problems with your team. Your d-line did give up 4 sacks (yes, yes, we gave up 6, I KNOW!!), which isn't too great. And your special teams coverage needs some work as well. But Buck played great, sliding legs first, as he should be. And I hope your D-linemen get the flu for Week 3 (not serious, but enough to keep them out of the game :wink: )

-Don't get too overconfident... Remember last year when your team killed Calgary in Week 2 and everyone on here was getting excited?? The wheels soon came off and didn't go back on until well after the Banjo Bowl. Likewise, the Ticats lost their opener to the Argos last year and had everyone saying 'same old ticats'. And yes, I know it's last year and it doesn't matter. But I will use examples from the past to prove a point that fans have a tendency to jump the gun on things after only one or two games. I do understand that this year's team is more talented and more well coached. I'm just warning you that getting too overconfident is never a good thing, even among fans. Take it from Ticat fans in week 1.

Other than that, Congrats on the big win. Enjoy it. :thup:

That's really a poor excuse, you know. Paul LaPolice, Buck Pierce, et al, have been in the league for a long time. You guys give up 49 points (shoulda been more, we missed 3 FGs) and you're saying you just didn't know what to expect?!?!?

You didn't know LaPolice likes a lot of motion? Didn't know that Buck will run??? Come on...

You should listen to the Bomber fans occasionally, they would have told you what to expect from Kevin Glenn. Take Glenn, add some pressure, and you get the crappy performance he turned in on Friday. It's ALWAYS been that way, and it isn't going to change.

You guys got your butts handed to you and that's that. Yes, you were short your starting tackle and that was a huge problem for you, which I told you it would be...although I seem to recall you told me Ramsay and Rottier would be fine...

If you actually bothered to read the rest of my post, I mentioned that we did get our butts handed to us.

When I made my point about new HC and how they often win their first game, I was not making an excuse. I even mentioned that. Now.. Paul Lapolice has been in the leagues for years... but as an assistant coach. There's a big difference between being an assistant coach and a head coach. Assistant coaches are still under the wing of their Head Coach, who still get the final say in major decisions on the field. When the assistant coaches become Head Coaches, they are now in control, and therefore, develop their own style, schemes, playbooks, etc... Everything an assistant coach does gets run by the Head Coach. More examples of coaches winning their first game: Rich Stubler, Matt Dunigan. I'm not saying that Paul Lapolice will be lousy like all the guys I just mentioned. In fact, I think he could be quite good. But no one haD game film of Paul Lapolice and how he likes to run his team on the field AS A HEAD COACH.

Now, if I offended you by giving props to your team, ...all the while putting my own team down for their lousy performance...and subsequently reminding you that getting too overconfident is never a good thing, ...

Then I am absolutely, positively, without a doubt, ... sorry :oops:

You forgot to mention how right I was about Jimenez leaving a gaping hole in your Oline.

Yes Kubie, the Jimenez injury left a gap. That being said, Ramsay never got the chance to fill the gap. He may start next week, and may do a better job than Rottier. He is a veteran after all.

But I'm telling you this in all honesty... please don't get overconfident. Some of you are sounding like Ticat fans did last week.

As one Bomber fan said in the other Bomber forum...

Teams are never as good as they look in the first week, or as bad as they look in the first week.

hmm, not over confident, realize its week 1, but 1-0 is better than 0-1.

cats looked like crap. spin it all you want even with your compliments to the bombers… but…

week 3. Bombers will be 2-0. ticats will be 0-2.

after week 3, bombers will be 3-0. ticats 0-3. WE WILL BEAT YOU ALL 4 TIMES THIS YEAR, not just beat but embarass you.


its not over confidence, its how its gonna be.

ok, then. So much for respect. What else is new? :roll:

I think catsfan brings up a good point. We played a great game, they didn't but lets not jump ahead of ourselves. As LaPolice is fond of saying, lets take this one game at a time. If we somehow lose to Toronto this weekend we end up looking kind of silly.

And to predict that we're going to destroy Hamilton 4 games to none is really jumping ahead of ourselves. They have a good team and like catsfan says, Hamilton will be much more prepared the next time we meet!

That said, I still think we kill the Argos this weekend!! :smiley:

Oh, lord. :roll:

Come on now, it was the bombers home opener, and they had revenge on their minds. Whether you want to believe it or not, both the Bombers and Cats are talented and will be in the playoffs. The three remaining games between these two over the next few weeks will be much better games and will all be close. Same goes for when they meet in the playoffs. :thup:

killer threw out a line and caught a couple cats.

Nice trolling son.

Im picking hamilton to win next week, and probably finish with 10 wins

Overconfidence has nothing to do with it. Had to listen all off season to how great the 'Cats were gonna be and how you ended our season. How the 'Cats were thrilled to be playing Winnipeg so much so early you could bury us. You traipsed into Winnipeg Stadium and got destroyed. Now all I'm hearing is 'We had no idea what to expect from Winnipeg'.

C'mon MAN!

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree.

Enjoy your one win thus far.

That's all I'm trying to do...