This Goes Out To The Cat Fans Who Said I Have No Clue!!

I would like to turn your attention away from the Bombers victory for a moment and focus my attention on some things i have told Ti-Cat fans ALL OFFS SEASON.

1.) Glenn Stinks --- I remember telling Cat Fans that Glenn is not a great QB and is prone to very slow starts at the beginning of the season and 98% of his games. Last night i was proved correct, Glenn sure stunk out the joint but i have to give the Bomber defense some of the credit, pressure from the line was constant and forced Glenn to throw the ball to "NO ONE" and the fact that he spent more time on the turf than Buck Pierce just shows we have a great oline and dline and the cats, well you get the point!!

2.) Greg Marshall's defense is too predictable ----- I have said this many times and i think LaPo knows it as well, Cats tried something new at the start of the game and got burnt big time, so Marshall decided to go to his favorite defense, ZONE D, and well it didn't help at all either. Bottom line is Pierce lit up the Cat defense and it will continue in week 3 when we meet again.

What are the Cats excuses for this loss?
Can Cat Fans actually man up and admit that The Bombers were the better team?

And by the way i know it was just one game but i feel i have the right to rub it in a little bit: Our "glass" QB as Cat fans have said many times just exposed the Cats weakness all night:

PIERCE -- 17 out of 25 -- 68% completion rate -- 291 Passing Yards ---90 Rushing Yards-- 2TDS, 0 INT-- 133.1 QB Rating
Glenn -- 15 out of 30-- 50% Completion Rate -- 197 Passing Yards-- 35 Rushing Yards-- 1TD, 1 INT-- 68.4 QB Rating

What about your hero Glenn? What happened? Don't worry only 17 more miserable games for the Cats!!

Want me to move this to the TiCat forum. :lol:

DIABOLICAL. . .but it sure would be rather poetic justice, wouldn't it ?

If you did that their mods would have it deleted before you were finished doing it. :lol:

I'll be brave enough to take this bait for my fellow Cat fans...

Congratulations on your well-earned victory. Your team deserved it, they were better. You have the bragging rights, at least for now, and I for one will take the boasting like a man.

I know there were many Cat fans who were obnoxious leading up to this game, but please know, there were Bomber fans equally as bad.

Glenn did stink this game, but to say his entire season will be like this is a little premature. But you Glenn haters have a right to be happy today.

Hamilton needs to do something about that right tackle spot with Jimenez out. Rottier got owned last night.

Right now, I'm just enjoying the Ticats while my city still has them. When there's a possibility of losing a team, it puts things in perspective. It's not how good or bad the team is... it's the experience. Hopefully our horrible city council will get it's act together.

Anyways, take care and enjoy your season-opening victory. We'll see you in Week 3. This time, on our turf. :wink:

I see alot more of that for the ticats, until they get an o-line, but even with an o-line the Bombers will still win, our defence could easily be the best in the league this year if it works out with the halfbacks.

If Buck keeps this up we could push for first in the east, because so far judging the teams who have played so far, the only teams i think we will have a real problem with are Sask and Montreal.

Hamilton- won't win anything with Glenn, Rottier, Dusty Beverage, and the joke Otis Floyd.

Argos- We all know why they suck

Calgary- just barely beat a terrible Argos team

easy boy, its a long road to the playoffs… teams will get better as they get more reps and practice, and they will make adjustments… we started off on a good foot and things do look promising, but lets not plan any parades yet

Agreed. The Bombers will be a very good team this year, but not every victory will be as easy as this one. You have to remember, with a new coach and new coordinators and many new players, NO ONE in the league knew what to expect. The other teams now have video to watch, to check your systems, formations, etc...

And please don't say I'm trolling or taking anything away from the victory. It was well-deserved, as previously stated. But the element of surprise was a factor on Friday. That being said, they have the talent to be a force this season (they actually did last year, but your coach was a huge problem).

Seems to me I said earlier that I thought Winnipeg's D-line has the potential to be the league's top unit this season. . . nothing that I saw in game #1 makes me change that opinion at all.

Once Pierce gets hurt, and he will. Your little joy ride will be over.

The bombers were the better team on Friday nite, no doubt but look at what happened in the first game last year. We got destroyed by the Argos and look where they ended up. Remember, history does repeat itself................

Quiet down there Allan, no use in getting defensive. Let them have their win and enjoy it. Buck may get injured, but he may also play a full one and do a great job. If not, Jyles may fill in fine.

No use in getting all defensive. They have bragging rights, and we just need to take it.

If we don't like it, we don't have to come on their forums.

Sorry but I am not being defensive. It's week 1 and everyone over reacts.

Truth is, Pierce has never had a full healthy season. Sure, he has changed his helmet and running style but he's going to be hit and hit hard in the weeks to come, can he take it and bounce back? History says no. It's just like Lumsden, you are just sitting there waiting for him.

As for Jyles, well, the preseason is the preseason, didn't Timmy Change, Jason Maas et al look good in the preseason.

Like I said, the Bombers were the better team. The Cats were outplayed and coached.

I am just reminding people what happened to start last season.

It's not being defensive, it's being realistic.

He might get hurt but we don't know. We do not have your ability to predict. From what we saw on Friday LaPolice seems to be the type of coach who could handle that situation. And our Oline had two new tackles and a guard at a new position. They should get better at protecting Pierce. Your team humiliated ours last fall with its showboating so part of Friday was payback time. Finally, after what we went through last year why not just let us enjoy the moment? I am sure you will get your turn. Good luck next week.

.....CERTAINLY ANY QB. CAN GET HURT......even Glenn....and by the look of Porter ,where are the cats if that happens :roll: ...Let's cut the nonsense of who may or may not get hurt....This is a tough, rugged game..Can happen anytime to anyone.....I will say that the Bombers and our fans can take a certain amount of pleasure in seeing the media 'choke' on their take of the 2010 Bomber edition....These teams were evenly matched in 09....NOTHING has changed a heckuva lot this year....except the Bombers signed a very talented , game changer qb., in the off-season....something some of the idiotic media somehow over-looks :wink: :lol:

so Alan your admitting that the bombers are a better team than hamilton? I'm sorry but with a defense like ours and an Offence like yours, we would have likely won with Bishop at QB, just because he would get the one or two lucky long balls and that would be enough. :wink:

also Alan, putting all your eggs in one basket eh? hoping our QB goes down? All i saw last game was your midget QB getting up real slow, WITH YOUR OLINE I'D BE SCARED FOR YOUR QUATERBACKS HEALTH NOT OURS.

so Alan quit your whining, you guys came over here trolling, saying stuff about continuity, you probably had a point there, but when you don't have talent you can be as familiar with your team as you want, you still won't win.

My point isn't that you don't have talent or that your team isn't good because i'd be lying, but what really gets me is that Chris Shults that big dumb goon, always has a reason for the Bombers to lose and he always says "you need Continuity" well we sure as hell don't have Continuity, but if we can beat a team that has been together for a whole year, doesn't that mean that we will continue to get more familiar with the play book, and those over throws to adarius bowman and jeffers Harris will be fixed.

Just because Porter Sucks and you lost to the lowly Argos last season doesn't mean anything. what are you going to change this year, maybe line up Arland Bruce to a rookie halfback, OH WAIT THEY ALREADY DID THAT!

ANYWAYS...Good luck next game, we will be at Ivor Wynne, and could be a very different story next game.

This was just a case of the Bombers coaches doing a better job than the TiCat coaches.

Hamilton had not seen our starting defence or much of the offensive play book and got caught with their pants down, big time.

The Bombers knew exactly what to expect from the TiCats offense and shut them down, what was it -2 yards in the first half or something like that ?

Meanwhile the Bombers racked up over 500 yards in offense.

Without Thigpen, I'd hate to see what the outcome would have been like, could have 55 or 60 to 15.

Thanks for the congrats and the respect, when you show respect, you also earn respect and i was never referring to all Cat fans, just a few on the forum and they know who they are.

As for Hamilton losing a team, never would that happen and i would be really ticked off if they did move etc. If any team is going to fold in the next 10 years it will be the Argos and that is simply because they don't give a crap about the football team, they are to American and would rather have an NFL franchise, so be it. I'll be the first to say that if/when T.O gets an NFL team, it won't last long and by then the Argos will be in QC, Halifax, etc. and Ottawa will e back in the league.

Sorry went off track for a minute, but thank you for the respect and it is mutual and we will see you in week 3 on your turf.


No worries, you are not trolling because you have respect for our forum and have valid points unlike other Cat fans, you are welcome to post on here anytime as long as the respect remains it tact. That is one of the main reasons The Bomber fans on here have a "hatred" for Cat fans, no respect is given therefore why should we respect them back.

SEE now here is a perfect example of a disrespectful Cat fan, please stop with the Pierce injury BS, it is totally disrespectful and arrogant. However if Pierce does happen to go down, every BB fan and coaching staff has all the confidence in Jyles, who in my opinion is a better QB than Glenn, just never had a shot behind Ray, Durant and now Pierce.

What happens if Glenn goes down? Porter does not have what it takes to win in this league, he had his chance last year and blew it.

Therefore it works both way's man, and i never wish injury upon any player or human being for that matter, just arrogant that's all you are. Go back to your litter box where you belong!!

With all due respect, I believe Porter will be a good QB one day. His day has not come and gone. He is still young, and will need to learn to look at his 2nd receiver, and do it quickly. He panics, but he is young. I have high hopes for him for the future.

But we shall see...