this GC is gonna suck

cold, rain, snow, sleet, all fine November football weather, but high gusting winds just messes everything up.

no guarantee the best team wins today.

just a total bummer

I just wish it was minus 20 that would be perfect.

This is beneficial to the Ticats, it’s basically coming down to a coin toss.

If it is coming down to just the coin toss I say they do a best of three coin toss. If it is tied after the second toss, take a 20 minute half time intermission, and then play sudden death….. one toss and winner takes all! Award the Grey Cup and call it day. The fans will have probably gotten their money's worth anyway.

Wish it was snowing... hard!

How can you say it's gonna suck when the "sheepdogs" are opening the festivities, seriously!

It seems pretty clear that it's not a factor.

never trust weather forecasters. still not a great game though. was hoping for a game like 89

It was windy, the flags were gusting pretty good, but for whatever reason neither team had any difficulty punting into it. It had very little part in the way the game was played today.

They were better than Hedley...

Wind was not an issue today, neither was the temperature. West semi and final were colder. Good thing it still fall and not winter yet

The Sheepdogs were awesome at the opening pre game thing! Seeing as they are from Saskatchewan, they SHOULD HAVE been the halftime act.

Instead, someone allowed some no talent assclown bubblegum pop boy band to take the stage for the second year in a row at the GC.

Had a awesome time at the Grey Cup this year , Thank-You Regina - Saskatchewan