This game will be tougher

Saskatchewan has a running game,Toronto didn't.We will need to be at our best.GO CATS.

we need to establish our running game, once that happens we can run more options with casey and hopefully control the clock.
containing cates is huge and forcing durant to throw preferably in the pocket will force him the need to make more reads.
i think the cats may show a lot of looks on defence and a few delay blitzes to try and confuse durant.
offensively, i think we will not only use a lot of the double tight end set (jumbo offence) but we may line up jessie or smith wide and use them as a 6th reciever at times again.

It's too bad you have Bellfool as an offensive coordinator...

too bad you guys got lapolice and bareessi running your offence and they didnt do whole lot for us here. could be a good trade

Bellfool has been terrible everywhere he has went though. He must have dirty pictures of all the GMs. Lapo has been average IMO.