This game proves that...

This game proves that Paopao and his offencive line caoch buddy have to go!..
As a coach you have to adapt to what you have.."Eakin" and what you are up against, and set up a game plan..well Paopao showed me again he has no clue in adapting or running an Paopao now!..this game also shows how good of a quarterback Mass really is,given what he has to deal with,with Paopoa's play calling..PATHETIC!!


hey "joe" that you? :lol:

Not to kick the team when its down. but just who else was up for the OC job ? I think management painted itself into a corner, but the wrong coach got fired allready. NOW WHAT? (TiCats need a good PR move after this game)imo

yea, I'm rather confused. I thought he was a much more creative guy than what I've seen in the first 7 games. The occasional pitch out and such, but mostly tosses across the field for a 2-year gain, IF we catch it. What gives?

In my opinion,..lets bring in Mike Kelly..or Taffe..or who ever,and start over,really now,what do we have to lose?..not much it looks like!

We can't just bring in "who ever". I'm just wondering who's really available at this point. If we bring in a new OC, thats a massive learning curve for the offense and it would really take several weeks to get started. At 1-6, several weeks takes us to 1-10 or so.... Maybe next year?

but we'll be 1-10 with this coaching crew lets start fresh,give us some hope...atleast for next year!

Just fire somebody…anybody…feed the masses! Bread and circus…thumbs down…blood needs to be spilt.

Interesting to see this posted here now. And was this posted before or after CHML mentioned that Yeast got cut?


Give it a rest. All this organization seems to do is care about it's PR moves. That's why we got Maas, that's why Marshall was hired and that's why Paopao was hired. Both men were over their heads and where has it got us?

How about someone making a good football decision even if it isn't the best PR move. I'd like to see us hire some competent coaches and bring in some great players. I don't care about all the alleged "improvements" at the stadium. If the on-field product stinks than I'm not a happy camper.