This Friday is going to be the Big Win

To all of you Ticat Fans that stand by your team no matter what. This Friday will be a good game to be at because like I have been saying we have a great team they just still need to work out the kinks and I think they are almost there.

Getting rid of players now is just stupid because we need to work with the guys we have so everyone gets used to working together.

I say the attendance will be high over 27000
We are going to be on a winning streak and just watch and see. I live in Hamilton and my team is the Hamilton Tiger Cats until the day I die, so give these guys a break and give them your full support and quit belly

And by chance they do lose I don't ever feel it appropriate to call them losers and throw your beer on them, like someone did last game that was very uncalled for, they are working hard to get us a win and they do not deserve to be treated like that.

So hope to see you all at this Friday's game when we will welcome back Danny Mac to Ivor Wynne.

Go Cats Go :stuck_out_tongue:

We'd better win this one or it might be 0-8

anyone else think that the ticats need over 28,000 fans supporting them in order to reach the acceptable adreneline levels and noise levels while on defense? (were 0-9 on the road last year, currently 0-3)



ticats better win....0-5 would be pathetic with all the talent they have!

yeh and did u see the was stamps played today.. id take that logo off the front of our site.. We Come To Play... should be We Come To Pray.. i know thats what im gunna do this friday neways!

The Calgary offence racked up 53 points and 510 net yards against Saskatchewan tonight. This is cause for concern for the Ticat defence, which allowed 515 net yards but only 23 points against Calgary last week. The point difference in the two games was primarily due to turnovers- the Hamilton defence forced 4 turnovers last week and the Saskatchewan defence forced no turnovers in tonight's game. Therefore, the Ticat defence will need multiple turnovers to stay close with Calgary in the game next Friday.

One other observation and one question. On the CBC broadcast of tonight's game, Mark Lee and Chris Walby said that Danny McManus and quarterback/receivers coach Bill Diedrick each watch half the field for Henry Burris during the game and third string quarterback David Corley solely watches the positioning of the opposing team's safety. Are the Ticats also using three people to help Jason Maas with in-game adjustments in such an organized fashion?

They may have played well but they also allowed 36 points so their defense wasn't that great. Sask's D was just a lot worse.

I don't think any defence is too worried about our "O"...yet.

Very good question and obviously we are doing that or we had better be!!! :expressionless:

They didnt sell out the first game, I cant see them surpassing 26,000 for this game vs. Calgary.

Everywhere I go, bars, coffee shops, work, people are really fed up.

I wont be going...and its not because im not a die-hard fan, because that crap that you have to blindly throw money and support a garbage effort is bs.

I'll still cheer for them of course, but no more 8 dollar beers for me.

I bought a new hat for this weeks game, so they'd better win.

going to the game is not just to support the Cats. Its also about watching a great game. Canadian Football. Its way better than the NFL! Your not a true Cats fan if you won't go because of $8 beers. The Cat's will turn it around with this game. Cats fan since 62

I'm kind of on the fence on this whole "die-hard fan" issue. Blind monetary support is how you become the leafs.

I, for one, will never stop supporting the Tiger-Cats, but that doesnt mean people who do stop going to games are lesser fans. It just means they're tired of paying for garbage. Maybe that's something we need more of.