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This forum is a real blessing to Ticat fans and hopefully management will keep it going. It really is a great forum that allows members to rant, vent, discuss, question, and suggest, making us all feel that we are part of the overall picture and are making a contribution even if in some small way. It is also a source of information on Ticat topics, CFL topics as well as community topics.
It used to annoy me when I would read postings from fans of other clubs who, it would seem, liked to stick their nose into Ticat territory, especially after their team beat us, and take a jab at our comments, rub our noses in it or try to console us with praise for one of our players. I thought then that I would take a look at some other club websites and try to read what these fans would post on their club forums. What really surprised me was that the closest team to us does not seem to have a fan message board on their website. I wonder why this is, almost seems disrespectful. I looked at a couple of other CFL club websites and noticed that there isn't much consistency, either they don't have one, you have to log in to view or you can view any message just like the Ticats forum. Perhaps the reason this forum attracts other fans is one of those reasons. I never really got much further but does anyone know of another CFL club website that has a fan message board as good as this, if it has one at all and does anyone regularly visit another club forum?
Any way, I'm certainly content knowing that we have the best owner in the CFL (David Braley is a close 2nd) and, from what I have seen, the best club website.

There is the link to all the other CFL's teams forums, plus the general CFL forum which is usually full of western team fans barking at each other.

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And THAT is one of the reasons I rarely stray from Paul... I have been on the CFL forum a couple times.. alot of whining and bytching goes on there and if you're not in the "clique" you most likely will be ridiculed or not taken seriously.. I'm much more comfortable right HERE!!!

We have to remember everybody is different and have thier own why of looking at things and lets continue to let everyone speak thier own point of view!Thankyou