This forum........................................

....Well..... I haven't been a part of this forum for very long but I had been visiting it for about half a year before joining and back then, everything was fine. Sure there was the occasional flame war but lately it's been pretty bad. Not just little scraps but I find we're being overloaded with idiots who have nothing better to say other than "My team's better than yours.... just because....... you suck!" It's a complete waste of everyones time and it's kind of sad to see. I came here to get away from that type of attitude that you find on the TSN fan forum but it seems like its following me around. I don't want to mention any names but for those who are guilty of this, PLEASE just lay off. Of course it's ok to trash talk once in a while but some topics here are brutal. Grow up!!! All of you!! I'm only 16 years old but when I see people my own age and older people acting this way, I find it pathetic. For everybodies sake........................................................ Some of the newer members... I can't even find words to express what I think. Sometimes I'm actually embarassed to say I participate in this forum..... Just pathetic. If you don't have anything good to say shut it! Especially when the things you're about to mention have been repeated about five times in the same thread.

I just thought I'd post this because I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

p.s.Personally, I think mods should take should take a little closer look at some posts, delete the ones they think are worthless and then send a warning to the member. Have that happen a few times and kick the member off. I think they should at least do this for posts who threaten others. Treat it like the threats in private messages. If there aren't enough mods to do this, I'm sure plenty of people would volunteer. It's just my 2 cents.........

i would be a mod, i can get my parents to call in and confirm i can be...

but i agree, and disagree...ive said the same thing on another forum..its pretty ridiculous, but you cant really do much about it...i just ignore most threads, run my pool, and mainly post on other forums

what r u refering to?....its hard to agree when your not sayin what ticks u off....which thread, which responces....???

i think he means in general, alot of people just post negative things wherever they post

Does it matter? I don't think it does because if you don't realize you're acting like an idiot, you shouldn't even be on here. (I'm not specifically referring to you drum) but enough is enough. People need to start realizing that sometimes it's useful to think before typing.

no reason to name names, just causes fights

I would approve as Eskimos32001 as a mod. He's done so much stuff with the board with the fantasy for each week. I would imagine that takes alot of time, and he doesn't get paid for it or anything like that. I definately agree he should be a mod along with Third and ten (who does a good job)

(A very new member) - I am guilty of creating a goofy post on the BC Team page, but it was all in fun. I think that it is nice to be able to throw some smack around, and have the others throw it back at 'cha.

I'm not sure if this is the type of behavior that upsets you, or whether you mean something else... either way, I'm sure nobody meant to offend you :frowning:

What would a forum be without relatively ignorant people beaking off without facts to back their comments up? The fans are one of the most beautiful things about sports... You just don't see these unsubstantiated comments in the empirical sciences enough :smiley:

I don't know whether an increase in censorship is the solution to your problem, but I cannot offer a viable alternative. I can offer one rediculous solution, though: if everybody were to write an online test quizzing their knowledge of the CFL past and present, and were only allowed to post if they received a favorable grade...

hehe... i called for an IQ test before you can join in some other thread where some jackass was going off about how his grandma would make a better play by play person than a certain hall of fame broadcaster... and was complaining about the guy's laugh... the guy was just being a tard... so whos with me in calling for an IQ test with a minimum score of 100 to get in... :lol:

IQ test? I'm in!

An IQ test is interesting - you are saying that you have to know little about sports (other than applied visual-spatial) to excel? That would be a blast! I'm in! I think that I could at least score an 80... putting me on the practice roster.

Who was the broadcaster? Was it Harry Carry? I will absolutely murder the man/boy/woman/girl/eunuch who defames him. :x Sigh I would actually give all of my G.I. Joe's to the man who can replace Bryan Hall as the Eskimo announcer... the guy is a tool... but also hall of fame bound, I believe. It's like Farlinger (sp?) continously has to correct his senility.

I just noticed, Chronicguy, that you are my "new best friend" / "arch nemesis" on this website. What's the deal with that?

hahaha.... i am both??... or even one of the 2???
as for the broadcaster... it was once long time Lions play by play man... J.P McConnell

Yes, you are both - just like Sky-Screamer should have been for the Transformers. That guy was so cool that he should have doubled for the deceptecons and the .. uh.. Optimus' team...the good guys... whatever... anyway, I'm new and so far you are the only one who has put up any fight, and you are thus my nemesis (BC Lion fan as well --- bleh), as well as my best friend. Speaking of which, Bumble-Bee really sucked.. Optimus should have traded Bumble-bee for Sky-screamer.

As for the Lion play-by-play guy, I have to respect someone who does it for a long time -- especially someone who has done it for longer than I have lived (notice the contradiction to my previous rant regarding Bryan Hall). I never heard the man, but I believe you that he's righteous.

What the hell was this post about again? It is turning into the Joy Luck Club. Uneducated posters should die, right.


-EEsks, I agree with you. These boards have been over-polluted recently. But as a mod, I try not to use my editing power unless something definately goes overboard. I don't want to be big brother and no one likes to be censored.

However, if someone threathens you, then you should report that person immediately to CFLpm, who is the king of mods and can ban people.

Try not to respond to low-class posters, and they'll quit when they get bored enough of talking alone.

.......ALL HAIL THE KING..........

......need more coffee.......boys, we mods signed a covenant barring us from forming opinions of what is right or wrong beyond the really obvious......rather than police we should all help to educate the literal and figuartive 13 year olds that were able to somehow obtain a password........the village raises a child.......seems our little village has it's fair share of idiots but also it's fair share of professors........btw, I'm the witch doctor......

I think whenever you have a forum with passionate fans they are going to get upset... and hopefully, if the moderator is tight, those posts will be moderated... otherwise, the whole site suffers.
Its a fine line between censorship and moderation.


Yes the village raises a child, but why do we have more than our share of VILLAGE IDIOTS?

The MODS are suppose to set the example. :wink:

.......which I believe we have been doing a pretty decent job of.......