This Forum Does Provide A Means For Comparative Studies

I noticed in one post in the Alouette site that one fan attempted to statistically report a study of a statistical nature but, after typing in the study top this Forum, the output printed material was different that what he typed in. The material came out not in a fashion that was easy to read for player comparisons. A few years back I spent several hours working on a project that compared all Alouette defensive players to the defensive variables such as: interceptions, blocked kicks, T , STT, fumble recovery, pass knockdown etc etc. I input the material from my computer to this site. The material that came back to me on the screen was very different than what I had put into CFL.CA. The data was scrambled together in a manner that was not in columns, and not presented in a manner that illustrated comparisons between the Alouette team. It did not demonstrate each players statistical data in manner that illustrated his stats with all other players on the team.
As noted, I had spent several hours on this study, typed in such in a manner that invited player comparisons. The printed material was useless.
I do hope someone at CFL.Ca will notice this letter and, take the time to make CFL.CA a forum that will be able to realign statistical material exactly in the way the material was typed into the system3. I am certain that if the Forum was designed in the manner I suggested, many of us would take the time to do studies of a comparable nature and, this would result in good pieces of statistical work which would make The Forum a better quality than exists at present,

Both of these should work, but apparently they're not universal.

First, a table.

[tr] [td]A1[/td] [td]A2[/td] [td]A3[/td] [td]A4[/td] [/tr]
[tr] [td]B01[/td] [td]B02[/td] [td]B03[/td] [td]B04[/td] [/tr]
[tr] [td]C001[/td] [td]C002[/td] [td]C003[/td] [td]C004[/td] [/tr]
[tr] [td]D0001[/td] [td]D0002[/td] [td]D0003[/td] [td]D0004[/td] [/tr]

Would be nice, but alas, no.

But this does work, although maybe not quite as easy. You need to lay out the table in Notepad with a monospace font (e.g. Courier) using spaces to line up the columns, and then copy/paste it between [ code ] and [ /code ] (use the Code button to add the tags).

     A1     A2     A3
    B01    B02    B03
   C001   C002   C003
  D0001  D0002  D0003

Not quite sure what the clickable "SELECT ALL" is for.

You could just make a spread sheet and post a screen cap of it.

Error, should be This Form Does Not Provide A Means For Comparative Studies.

it is unfortunate that php has the ability to have tables activated, yet they are not here. They would likely be used a fair amount in this forum.