This Doesn't Have A Damn Thing to do With Football...

So, it's Canada Day, and in a few days, my own Country celebrates it's Independence. Just seems an appropriate time to say thank you, Canada. Thanks for the friendship, thanks for standing beside us, thanks for defending freedom.
This American, and I'm NOT the only one, is damn well aware of Canada's role in this world, of the sacrifices in the name of freedom, defeating tyranny in two World Wars, I have not forgotten (nor will I) it was Canadians who got some of our people out of Iran, I have not forgotten your response to 9/11.
No, we don't always agree, but that's the way it is between friends...Hell, my wife and I have at least one disagreement a day and we're still going strong after 13 years.
I have two nephews currently serving, one Army, the other Air Force. The Soldier has served 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan, the Airman, about to go for his 3rd, I am ex-USAF. So, as a veteran and uncle to these two, I deeply appreciate Canada's commitment in Afghanistan. Your troops are in my prayers, right alongside my own. That's also the way it is with friends.
As a truck driver, I made a few trips into Canada, and recieved warm welcomes wherever I went. Even made it to Ivor Wynne, back in that disaster of a 2003 season: the Esks handed the 'Cats their heads that night, but the Hamilton fans showed some real class. Though I was a stranger there, I was treated like a lifelong friend....that's what made a Tiger-Cat fan of me.
Enjoy this day, celebrate your Country and all it stands for. Fly your Flag proudly. And please, take a moment and say a prayer of thanks for the people of Canadian Armed Forces, what would this world be without their service and their sacrifice.
Would we even have the CFL, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB?
Merci' Canada! God Bless!

Right back at ya Texas! You are a gentleman and a scholar! :smiley:


Awesome post TF, class all the way, thanks!!

You, your nephews and your entire family are in our prayers TF.

God Bless Canada and God Bless America! Together we stand.

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Nicely said Texas.
Be safe :thup:

Excellent TexasFireman! :thup:

Hearing "O Canada" for the first time at a CFL game ever as a new CFL fan was quite the breath of fresh air for starters and this game has been awesome!

Happy Canada Day Canada -- God Bless You All! :thup:

Thank you Tex! You are a classy guy!

Thanks Tex. We really appreciate all that you and your nephews have done and continue to do. God bless you and yours and here's hoping that all our boys come home safely.

Thanks Tex, you take care of yourself and have a happy independence day.

July 4th is not Texas Independance Day. :wink:

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Oh c'mon let's not start that now! :lol:

A little humor never hurt anything! :lol:

going by the title of this thread, I thought for sure it was about the ticats :lol:

Happy 4th of July, TexasFireman!

Stay safe!

Yep, Happy 4th!

Humour is not appreciated or understood around her for the most part.

July 4th is not Texas Independance Day. :wink:

No dude, That's in March. 1836.


And also, just for interest's sake;

The next time you're in Hamilton, drop by the HMCS Haida, Canada's fightingest ship in WW2. It's a Destroyer that won quite a number of battle honours and sunk more tonnage than any other Canadian ship.

Also, in 1949, she rescued the crew of a downed American B-29. The co-pilot named the crew honourary Texans, his home state.


this is a pretty cool post! very good to hear positive things from our neighbours!

i'm a medic in the military (regular force not reserve) who grew up on melrose ave and could see the stadium from my bedroom window, therefore i'm a huge ticat fan. it makes me proud to see american fans of our canadian league and also a fan of our country in general!