This Could be the Worst Possible Outcome to the Season

Only one thing left can save this season, a Grey Cup. Even though I feel that it's pretty chincy that an 8-10 team could win a title (I know that it's happened twice before) but that's the way it is in this league, it's the only way that this season could be called a success. They are hardly the best team in the league, they're not a bad team but they do have a more than a couple shortcomings.

An 8-10 record is about the absolute worst damn result for this season, because it guarantees that Taman will keep his job and ensure that this team will be between 6 and 9 wins for several years to come. It will be said, "things are going in the right direction, look at the improvement over last year". How the hell do you NOT improve over last year? A 3-legged dachshund with in-grown toenails could make a couple moves and improve on 5-13. The only hope for salvation is a perfect storm for a mediocre Rider team to get hot, catch an opponent or two on a bad day and snag a championship that everyone else will call fluke.

If they don't win it all this year, then the season could not have gone worse for this franchise.

Taman apologists may now flame away.

I am inclined to agree with you prairiedog.

At 8-10 there will be lots of " we're on the right track" talk. Taman will be seen as the "mastermind" of "turning us around".

And if there is a Cup win ....... Taman will be "the man" (but at least we will have the cup).

Another missed playoff year may well have been preferable to a semi-final exit if the Riders don't "go all the way".

C'mon Green ......... Please give us the cup to carry us through the Taman years to come.

Saskatchewan (and Toronto) should be proud of being the most improved team(s) in 2012. Winnipeg, Hamilton and Edmonton are in worser shape.

Tough call. It is a rebuilding year so i didnt expect alot but was hoping for a playoff game that we had. team should have won that game, really they lost it and Calgary did not win it. BC should take cowtown no problem.

Short comings such as defensive play calls stood out. Ritchie Halls time has come to retire. Dyce isn't very good either, I'd look at demotion for him. Chamblin has to take a hard look at his coaches, most other successful teams seem to have solid coaching. We are not there yet.

I can't stand it when people say (usually out of jealousy and frustration) that their team "should have won"

You don't play for three hours and win by accident. Did you notice that Calgary had the lead for the vast majority of the game? Or that the riders defence made major gaffes on several occasions allowing points to be scored? Or a blown P-A-T that made for a substantial momentum shift?

You, in your other posts focus on a questionable call that didn't go your teams' way in the FIRST HALF. Plenty of time to make up for it, even if it was a bad call, which i'm not sure it was. And don't blame the officials, they are part of the game, they do their best and in no way does one or two questionable calls affect the outcome of this or any game. There are simply too many variables to say it's on the refs.

Guess the riders should have packed up and headed home after that call, if it was so important.

No offence, but you sound like a pouting child.

One note on the ref's, 1st quater, there should of been a pass interence call on the Carr play near the goal line, Calgarys player clearly had his jersy for a good period of time, that would of been a 1st down, who knows what would of happened, just sayin. It may have changed the momentium for the Ridersearlier on.

Agreed. Calgary BEAT Saskatchewan. They made more plays. Maybe only a couple more, but they did. They made the plays to stay 6 points up at the end. They WON. Saskatchewan LOST.

Just own it like a man.

Congratulations to Rough Rider Players and staff and fans! We all gave our hearts this season and while the outcome could have been better it was not for lack of passion and hard play that it didn't turn out the way we hoped. As objective as I can be, I believe the Riders deserved to win this game by a slight margin over Calgary. This year, however, Calgary has been a "team of destiny". They have been lucky. But you have to be good to be lucky. They are good. In fact, I predict that if they can keep that lucky edge, that they will be Grey Cup winners this year.
The Riders have very good players, our coaching team is coming to together, and management finally seems to be out of the media and focused on bringing in new good talent and managing in a way that is not distracting to the players and coachs. Yes, maybe...and i mean maybe..our GM has come into his own. We seem to have rebounded well from the Greg Marshall fiasco.
This bodes well for the 2013 season. How appropriate if the 13th man can help propel the Riders to a Grey Cup in 2013!!

Maybe it was the worse possible outcome for you guys in Riderville, but us here in Tigertown certainly lay claim to worst season.

We became a Semi-Final team to dead last
We became the first team ever to have the top offence in the league and finish last
We had to say goodbye to Ivor Wynne Stadium
We are playing out of a 15,000 seat stadium 45 minutes away next year
Chris Williams's contract is up
Mac lost to the Rouge et Orr
and the freakin' Argos won the Grey Cup. Do you know how hard it is to offer smack talk back to fans whose team just won the cup? You guys haven't had to deal with Winnipeg winning a cup in a good long time.

The only silver lining is we have the #1 draft pick.