This Chicken Little BS Has Got To Stop

I have to quit reading blogs on the internet from these know nothing media types.

I mean Chris Shults on has basically written the CFL off for dead, and even included the Toronto Mpale Leafs as being in trouble as well?

They;re assumption is that every major corporation in Canada will dump the CFL and instead advertise with a Tornto football team only?

Like, if the CFL is still doing big TV numbers, and creating national interest outside of Hogtown, how could advertisers ignore that? And why will fans in all of CAnada quit supporting their teams and leagues because Toronto has another one of these American sports teams?

Again I say. If the NHL couldn't hurt the CFL, the NFL will be nothing. Advertisers will not abandon the CFL. FAns will not abandon the CFL. TV will not abandon the CFL. So why will the league fold again?

These guys put waaay too much importance on the NFL in CAnada. Just because its big in the USA doesn't mean squat up here. Just look at baseball and the NBA?
They're no competition for the CFL. So why would the NFL be any tougher?

You're making this forum unreadable with all this anti-media junk. Seriously. We all get it by now. Toronto hates the CFL, and you hate Toronto. One thread a month is enough to convey this message.

This is the general forum. And this is a very hot topic in the area I live in.

And sAs long as these guys keep writing about it day after day, I will respond to it day after day.

And if you and others aren’t interested, make your own threads. And this thread should disappear.
But I bet it won’t

If you insist on responding to it day after day, I would respectfully suggest you limit your discussion to a single thread.

Put it it in the dam Argo area. Berezin you are getting to the point of annoying. The playoffs are coming up and you talk what this crap.

I'm sure in Saskatchewan this isn't even a story. But in southern Ontario its getting way too much coverage. Even over hockey.
And forget about trying to find something on the ARgos-Bomber game Friday night. This NFL hysteria is overshadowing everything. And that should be discussed.

Well REd and White.
YOu better take note of this story, beacause you may not have a league to cheer for if we sit back and do nothing.

Tell me you have three threads with the same garbage. You are the chicken little. Your passion for hating the media in Toronto and the hate you have for the NFL is a joke at best. One thread a month is fine I can tolerate that but if you look at everyone of your posts guess what? It is the Toronto media did the CFl wrong or the NFL is doing this frankly what is your purpose on here? I have yet to see you post anything but.

Well chicken little this story started in the 70's and guess what it is still here. When these TO area tire kickers finish with their fun you will see for yourself. None of these fools will cough up a billion dollars for a franchise fee to try and fill a 50,000 seat stadium (Rogers owns)and the NFL will not give a franchise that has 80.000 seats for a market area like this. Not when the LA area is ripe for the picking. Hell Las Vegas will get one before Toronto. Berezin it seems if someone told you the world was going to end tomorrow you would pack your bags.

I am assuming this the blog you are talking about berezen.

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It is far from the doom and gloom you are projecting. While I disagree with some of his assumptions and the fact that he has totally ignored some very relevant points.

The first being a new stadium. No politician in his right mind outside of GTA would dare support a single purpose stadium in Toronto for the NFL. After the Skydome financial disaster, I would say that it is off table.

Without some thing like the Olympics coming to Toronto, which aren't likely for the next 20 years don't expect a new stadium.

Additionally, while he is focusing on the Bills, the Bills will be sold in 1 year or 5 years or 10 years, who knows. But it is likely some US based owner would likely buy it before the Bills come to Toronto.

If I was a beating man, I would say it is more likely an existing team owner may use Toronto as a temporary stop over before the Bills do.

In reality, all he is saying is that the CFL has a few years to position itself to survive in a conjunction with the NFL.

Having said all of this enough of the world evolves around TO talk.

Post all this kind of stuff you want, berezin...but keep it in this thread from now on, m'kay? That way, you get to keep posting this stuff, and no one jumps down your throat for spamming the forum with the same topic over and over...

Red and White.
I could care less about the NFL. I am ambivilent towards it.
And really. You don't like what I gotta say? Then go away and make your own threads eh.

But this is a story that won't go away. And its interfering with the upcoming Grey Cup in Hogtown. And this IS news. If you like it or not.

If people don't care anymore, they won't respond and I'll quit posting on it.

But then again I'm getting close to 600 views and three pages of responses for each of these threads. So someobyd must care.

I was happy Vancouver got the Olympics cause then tornto wouldnt get it and no stadium.

Check out the Globe and Mail or Toronto Sun comment areas. This story always brings a huge number of comments. The good news is most are in favor of the CFL. With the pro-NFL guys revealing themselves as nothing more then morons.

If most of the comments are pro-CFL then why do you post this sky-is-falling drivel in the first place?

Hmmm, let's reflect on berezin's posting habits shall we?

  • floods the forum with repetative posts and topics
  • continuously harps on something in an attempt to convince others to side with him; when in actual fact it annoys the hell out of the membership
  • gets defensive when someone else calls him on such

I dunno about you all, but if it sounds like a marsupial and acts like a marsupial...

...better spelling.

It could be a rouse, though.

Whats a rouse?

What I don't get is how they think there will be this huge revenue stream that opens up if the NFL comes to Toronto. Canada is already saturated with the NFL. There are no more streams to access other than the season ticket base in Toronto. For example:

Bigger TV deal? Not likely when access to all games is already available.
More merchandise sales? Again, other than some in the Toronto area, not much.

But, go to Mexico City or London and you have a huge potential revenue stream because they haven't had access to the NFL. Go to LA and you have history, a huge stadium and a drawing area in the range of 10 million.

Simply makes no sense and would make less money. NFL owners are not in the habit of doing ANYTHING that loses money.