This board is dead!

Because not many people care about the Argos progress. They either win the Grey Cup and have their parking lot parade or ... Argos who?

YA , right , at least the ARGOS win the BIG game , not choke 4 years in a row like the BILLS did. :lol:

WOW! Going by this web site , is your indicator? :lol:

Lets see what the T.V. ratings were like? They are usually double to triple any of the BILLS game's in CANADA. :lol: :rockin: :cowboy:

or the Jays, or the Raptors (although here is hoping that Nash goes to TO to get the Rap it's first NBA Title).

Why would he bother playing in Toronto when he makes his home in the good ol' United States? :cowboy:

he is Canadian, isn't he? He helps kids in Canada play B-Ball right? why not play for Canada's only NBA team??? It's not like Canada is so different from the US, especially in TO, and if that such a problem, he can live in NY and travel to TO for games.

NASH did play for the Canadian national team once. Allot of PRO hockey players play for team CANADA and many of those live in the U.S. So , do allot of Canadian T.V. , music and movie stars.

So why shouldn't he play for the Raptors (beside PHX not letting him)??? he could revolutionize the team like Dr.J did for the Nets.

Just because the Craptors now have the Suns former GM doesn’t mean that he’s going to lure the reigning back-to-back MVP to play for them. Besides, hiring a GM/coach and most of its star players does not necessarily make it a better team. Just ask the Riders. :lol:

Who is deleating posts?

If you're referring to the original post before yours, Steve, it violated Forum guidelines as the poster was utilizing foul and derogatory language. But most of the "anti-mod" movement will choose to ignore that and just whine and kevetch that the mods are biased and corrupt like the narrowminded "my opinion is the only one that matters" individuals that they are (the complainers, not the mods).

Ok, I was just wondering whay was going on.

I think the the Mods are doing are great job , now. :thup: