This article says it all.

Check out this article from a Buffalo newspaper about all our fear mongering about the NFL in Canada.....

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On the bright side, I think the CFL is getting far more attention in Toronto than usual.

The CFL is getting more attention in Toronto only because all the writers are talking about the Bills and the only Argo talk that comes with that is the downfall of the Argos. Do not get me wrong I do not think that the NFL coming here is going to ruin the Argos if done right, but the lazy, conflict-causing reporters just need something to write about so they are all bashing the CFL.

It is typical Toronto media. What do you expect from them? Most of the outlets are owned by Rogers, so say something negative about the Bills and you may find yourself at the back of the unemployment line. The writer of this article says exactly what these Toronto media outlets should be saying. Why are we talking about the Bills when the Argos are a week away from the regular season? We are even doing it on this forum everyday.

Never do you read an Argos thread unless it has to do with their failure. We sit here and b*tch that we do not want the league to go down to the NFL but we also talk about how terrible Toronto's attendance is (which is actually incorrect), no corporate dollars for the Argos, no one in Toronto caring about the Argos and so on. We are all pushed by the bad Rogers media coverage that we are starting to believe that the league is doomed because of a couple of writers who do not have the b@lls to go against the norm and fight the NFL coming here.

Thanks for the link, bighands.

Thank you for sure bighands! Great read, love this paragraph:

"The argument I'm attempting to make here is a simple one: stop making public knowledge what's already public knowledge. Focus on covering the CFL. This is a Bills issue because the Bills are the first to cross the border for a regular season NFL game, but it's a broader issue because the CFL is in trouble when it really shouldn't be. Canadian football is a good product - and yes, the league may be in trouble, but what league hasn't been in trouble? Even the NFL has had its tenuous moments (and continues to have them). Ultimately, it's the job of not only the CFL, but those who cover it, to make more people realize that they already have a good thing going. Paranoia over what may be may sell papers, but ultimately, it doesn't do any good for anyone involved."

I'll tell you one thing any way you look at it, this whole thing is getting bigger and bigger as we speak in the sports circles and even the political arena I think. I don't know about you but sure, sometimes I get a bit down with the negativity and concentration on the NFL in Canada but man, it's really getting me pumped up for the CFL season at the same time, I friggin can't wait for the season to start! Is there such a thing called baseball in the summer, MLB is off my map!

Earl I had copied the exact same paragraph and was going to quote it as well.

I am a big believer that media perpetuates and creates a lot of the issues that it then covers. They are in the news business so they just make something news. Its very annoying.

Very true Billy. There is an article in the Star today about the Bills paying $50,000 so the high school championships of some sort can be played in the Rogers Centre and not outside and one high school player saying he was surprised the Argonauts didn't pay for this. Again just trying to make the Argos look cheap, I don't know.

But I can honestly say, as someone living in Hamilton down the road and not venturing into Toronto much, I really want to take in the first Argo game or at least one Argo game. This as a fan of the Ticats and not wanting the Argos to win or anything but just getting more bums in the seats in Toronto for overall CFL support.

Not to take the thread in a different dirrection but

or the Montreal Alouettes naming Marcus Brady as their starting (but not exclusive) quarterback.
And when exactly did this happen? Brady was scheduled to start the first preseason game but pulled a muscle in warmup.....I dont think AC has played in the first preseason game since he took over for Ham....That is a far cry from Brady named starter.....

Anyway I point that out to say....If he has one fact wrong........

Hmmm...I would be surprised if the Bills are actually paying for this. Think about it...

Ted Rogers wants to bring the Bills to Toronto. In order for this to work, Toronto football fans must be receptive to the Bills franchise. Any publicity or goodwill he can generate is therefore a good thing.

Ted Rogers owns the Rogers Centre. Are the Bills actually paying $50,000? Or is Rogers simply not charging them $50,000, and claiming it's a gift from the Bills?

Let's take this one more step. Right now, as far as I know, the Argos are playing at Rogers Centre for very little money (I'm not sure how much they're paying, if anything, but I've heard it's a pittance.) If Rogers and his Bills Toronto series promoters are really intent on damaging the Argos organization, how much longer will they be willing to host Argos games at the current discounted rate?

Finally (okay, so this is a run-on post. Sue me.), would it even be wise for Rogers to be seen as trying to damage the Argos and/or CFL? I don't think so. If people suspect he's aggressively attacking the Argos, it will only erode whatever public support he may have.

No - Rogers needs to tread carefully with this.