Thirteen B.C. Lions Option-Year Eligible- How many Ticats?

According to an article by Lowell Ullrich of the Vancouver Province posted today on the website, thirteen members of the B.C. Lions became eligible to sign NFL contracts this week, including the following:

Aaron Hunt (contacted by Kansas City, Buffalo and Seattle)
Korey Banks (received an offer from Minnesota)
Joe Smith
Ian Smart
Jamall Johnson
Dante Marsh

Here is the link to the article:

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So far, there has been no word from the local Hamilton sports reporters as to which Ticats became option-year eligible this week and whether any NFL teams have contacted them.

I know Nick Setta is in his option year.

Marty is at it again.

You never know, he could be right.

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Lions could see exodus of talent

Running back Joe Smith, is
close to jumping to the NFL,

SOURCES :smiley: :rockin: have told Metro.

the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets,

the SOURCES :smiley: :rockin: said.

Defensive lineman Aaron Hunt
has attracted offers

from Kansas City Chiefs
and the Buffalo Bills

and D-back Korey Banks
has received overtures
from the Minnesota Vikings.

I don't believe he is. My understanding is that he signed for the option. I may be wrong, but i thought he and Moreno were both 2+.

here's TSN's list of "potential" free agents

assuming this list is accurate, we only have 5 guys heading into free agency

Hi Karen:

Thanks for posting the link to the list of "potential" free agents. You are correct that there only five Ticat players who will be free agents if they are not re-signed by Feb 15/08. However, "option-year eligible players" are in a different category: they not free agents in the strict sense of the term and are contractually obligated to play for the Ticats this year unless an NFL team signs them between Jan 1/08 and Feb 15/08. The list of Ticat players in this category has not yet been made public by the team or the media.

What I would like to know is: when was the "option-year window" extended by the CFL? To my knowledge, the NFL-CFL agreement had expired at the end of the season. I tried to Google a search for such an announcement but to no avail. Only the article linked at the start of the thread makes any implication that the rules remain in place.

P.S. Rod Pedersen's blog mentions that as of December 11th, the extension hadn't been made...

"And regarding the CFL/NFL option-year agreement which has now expired, Cal [Murphy] thinks it needs to be renewed.

"I was part of the original deal, but it's been tweaked since so I don't know all the ins and outs. But it's a great benefit to the CFL. There's no financial rewards right now, but players come to the CFL from America because they think it's their best chance to get back to the NFL. Without that agreement, why would anyone sign in the CFL if they didn't think there's an out to get to the NFL? They have to renew the deal, or all the Americans will stay down south and play in the Arena League. Or, we need to explore this business of becoming a farm system for the NFL and then there'll be no problems getting players.""

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Oski New Year,

Hi oski-oui-oui:

There does not appear to have been any announcement of an extension of the NFL-CFL agreement but the NFL and CFL teams continue to operate as though the agreement is still in place. Perhaps it is because the options are included in the existing contracts of the CFL players.

In fact, a report on the website today indicates that several NFL teams are interested in B.C. Lions running back Joe Smith and he has received offers from the Chicago Bears and New York Jets.

Here is the link to the report:


I already read that this morning. I find it strange that there has been no confirmation of an agreement, extension, or even a negotiation for a new one as yet. Whether existing player contracts have such clauses or not, as my Cal Murphy quote suggests, having that option “escape” route is necessary to get talent up here from a recruitment perspective.

Oski New Year,

I knew Nick while throughout this season and Yes he is in his Option year M.D signed him to a 1 year plus an option