Third try UnLucky???

Okay, I’m stealing ro1313’s thunder.

What if the Gliebermans are the only owner still interested in Ottawa for 2007. Would you give them one more try or go with no team.

Choose your poison!

You are kidding right?

Boy did I really screw up this poll question...Yikes....Mods help!

....don't touch....

Yes sir year warranty.......voided if KK plays with it......

Thanks Red,

Now let the debate continue.....All those Ottawa fans that felt left out and abandoned...What do you do next year if the Gliebermans are the only option?????

you forgot that they also owned the shrevport pirates so make it 4th time

Thanks BBfan I keep forgetting the SHrevport experiment.....I'll have to watch that Alzheimer thing...LOL :wink:

I'm not going to touch the edit button....R&W will hit me!

I love it how most of us (myself included) can't make the poll right. WTF is wrong with us? LOL