Third string QB looks like hall of famer

Yes, the Hamilton D made the third string Sask QB look like a hall of famer. Reminds me of the Rocky Butler saga. Rocky who. Where is he.

Lets face it. Cats D while improved from the last two years still misses too many tackles, takes penalties at inappropriate times and gives up the big play late.

Imagine a defense allowing the opponent to score touchdowns within the last two minutes in both the first half and then the second half when the game belonged to them.

Forget those block type tackles. Use those shoulders and wrap those hands around the receivers. We need to see some pressure from the line and some sacks.

All in all i good game to watch but this team needs to be able to close it out rather than snatching defeats from the jaws of victory.

They have won on the road but will they win at home?

i think Saying Durant looked like a hall of famer is a bit of a stretch there bro.

and this team will win at home. we would be talking abotu a victory right now if the refs didnt make a bull**** call

the refs got the call right this is not the nfl

The rule is b.s., not the fact the Riders kept possession if the descriptions I've heard are correct. The ballspot was probably a yard off if Ron Lancaster's claim was correct.

ALL fumbles that go out of the end zone should be turned over to the defensive team at the 20-yard line. That is the NFL rule and it should be adopted by the CFL. Bradley deserved better for all the hustle he made to knock out the ball!

Oski Wee Wee,

Yeah those shoulder tackles where they don't wrap up drive me nuts too. It's trying to be a tough guy thinking you're gonna knock him over by lowering the shoulder. It's a hot dog tackle style and has no place on any defense. If I was the D coordinator everyone of those guys making a juvenile attempt of a tackle like that would be doing tackling drills on the dummy for two hours a day for the next week.

No need to call the paramedics, at some point the glue will wear off, relax

I think Durant was very lucky on a lot of his throws. The first pass of the game should have been intercepted but it hung up in the air and Bradley miss played it a bit but he was right there. Gordon shoulda had the one that got deflected right to Dominguez. he under threw another ball down the south sidelines to Grant who made a great play to comeback to the ball. He missed Bowman in the endzone and at midfield when he was wide open. Don't give the credit to Durant it was his receivers who came up big for him today.

Are you drunk? Quarterbacks do miss receivers...DD's stats don't lie.

Sorry, but they did nothing of the kind. That kid played very well in his own right. Yes there were some breakdowns on D, but you cannot take the credit away from Durrant. He's good. He showed poise and patience and I think he will soon be moving up on their depth chart. I don't think Crandell could have done any better than Durrant did.

I agree, Durrant look composed and released the ball quickly. On the other hand receivers were open and cats were playing off most of the game allowing catch and runs.

Statistics can and will lie to you on occasion.

Let's see, he made a 6 yard check down throw that goes in to the stat book as a 60 pass. Matt Dominguez catches and under thrown tip drill for another 50+ yarder, and then there is the drastically under thrown ball to Corey Grant that goes in to the books as another 40 yards. Hell, on the first toss of the game he barely got it over the hands of the Ticat DB who misjudged the ball.

So before we start anointing Durant as a capable starter, let's see him play a few games where he doesn't get all the breaks he got last game.

I realize you are a Rider fan, but sometimes you have to look at things objectively. Try removing the watermelon from your head, it might help you see better.

  • paul

You look at his passing chart and 95% of his passes went for under 10 yards. I expected that coming in, why was it such a surprise to our defence? Pretty much everythrow down field he made was a poorly thrown pass, he missed Bowman for a td when he was wide open, under threw Grant horribly when he was behind the coverage.

Durrant reminded me of Reggie Slack, not a hall of fame caliber qb, but still Durrant is better than Crandell.

Because of great pressure by Glasper

Still a hall of fame qb like Durrant should be able to make that throw.

Incapable of putting drives together?

Durant 23 for 32 for 347 yards, 2 TDs 0 INTS. 72% completion rate.