Third quarter Montreal game play

Just have a quick question on play in third quarter of game in Montreal.
It was when #23 Seth Williams forced Bakari Grant out of bounds on a throw deep in Montreal territory.
I understand the rule allowing Bakari back on the field of play,but why was Williams allowed back on to make a play since he was not forced off? :?

I never even noticed that Williams had stepped out of bounds. At the time, I was more concerned with the fact that he seemed to deliberately push Grant out of bounds while the ball was in the air. Figured that it should be PI. Now that I look at again, he did step out on his own, came back in, and then prevented Grant from making a play on the ball. I think you're right. That should have been an illegal participation call.

Not that it would have made much of a difference in the game, but you never know as the next play (after Jimenez's procedure call) was a turnover on downs.

Did he touch the ball? If he did, then yes, it probably should have been illegal participation.
If he didn't touch it I think it's okay.

Yes he did. And if he hadn't knocked it down, it would have hit Grant in the hands. He might have even caught it, although no guarantee on that as he was flat out reaching for it.

So they got away with one. I know of a couple where we got away with one as well. Let's just say the officials were on their game as much as the Ticats were on theirs. Par for the course for CFL officials, but I think at least this time it wasn't totally one-sided like the Winnipeg game.

Just want to thank everyone for replying.
I wondered if that what I saw was the case.
Didn't think it would have changed outcome of game by much.
Just curious on one more thing.
Even if he(Williams) doesn't touch the ball,is he not participating in the play illegally (impeding other players from reaching the ball or just the fact that he could be a distraction to the receiver?)
Just wondering. :?

My opinion: Whether Williams touched the ball or not, making a move on the ball meant that he did not remain out of the play and therefore should have received a 10-yard penalty.