Third place Als?

Sorry Als fans but after my Eskis beat the Als tonight, the Rens beat the Loins, and the Argos beat the... oops the Rides will probably beat the Argos. So after that the Als will be tied for second in the east, but because it's the Argos that you are tied with the papers will probable have you in third place. When was the last time that the Als were that far down in the standings?

I believe it was 2001. We won 9 straight then lost 9 straight.

One little problem with your enthusiatic predictions, the Als beat the Eskimos and are in 1rst place as usual!! Esks Lose!!!

The Als are now third but at the end of the season theyll be in the first place i guess.

How do you figure they are in 3rd
They are tied for first but more points for gives them first

The ARGOS are first , now!

There is no chance of the Als finishing 3rd. Let's be real here. Als will be more than likely in first place come the end of the year, depending on who manages to win the series against Toronto. I wouldn't be suprised to see second place Als, but the Gades will not even be close in the standings either way.

Montreal are 3rd.........they are , 2 and 3.........OTTAWA , is 3 and 3......the ARGOS are 3 and 2.......and play again, this holiday MONDAY, on three days rest...........after beating, MONTREAL..........OTTAWA, has also beaten Montreal.

Right now MONTREAL, is 3rd in the EAST............according to TSN.....'S .......standings.............if , TORONTO lose to WINNIPEG on MONDAY.....OTTAWA , and Toronto will be tied for first, both with a 3 and 3 record.........MONTREAL, will be second..................If ,TORONTO beats Winnipeg , the ARGOS will be in first all alone [4 and 2]........OTTAWA, will be in second [3 and 3].... ......Montreal , will be in 3rd...........[2 and 3].........Then , the ARGOS will play MONTREAL, at the ROGERS CENTRE.......a MONTREAL loss in that game and the ARGOS win the season series vs.......... MONTREAL. :smiley:

points............ARGOS .........6 [ but they have a better won / lost record , than OTTAWA, and Ottawa has played an extra game.]
.....................OTTAWA .......6
..................MONTREAL.........4 :smiley:

lets hope MONTREAL can beat SASK..........this week.

alouettes want to go to the grey cup??
they hafta get over .500 first
go esks

Technically, they don't even have to. Calgary won the 2001 Grey Cup with a losing regular season record.

I sure hope we get back to .500 tonight, but that is not a pre-requisite for anything.

Anyways, Montreal started the 1996 season with a 2-4 record, and they went on to a 12-6 season.

So I seriously doubt you outsiders will succeed in starting a fire here. We are pretty zen.

Well as I see it tonight is a key game for the Als; win and we're back on track; lose to a banged up Riders team with questionable QBing lately, and there will be a few panic buttons pushed.

Nice to have Almondo Curry back in the lineup, hope he has a stellar game. I see Gilligan is going to dress as well, but no Girard yet.

Here's hoping we go back to our standard defence of having 7, 8, and 9 guys on the D line threatening blitz on every play, even if we don't actually blitz much. Butler in particular is far more effective in that style defence than the vanilla defence with three man rush we have been using.

I never realised that
2001 Calgary won the cup with an 8-10 record
2001 BC had the same record and also won

Tim Gilligan was in a fierce position battle in traning camp with Kerry Watkins. Ever since he was retrograded to the practice roster, his life became pretty though (cf. "Life on the practice roster"). He is determined to get Cavil's job. So he should do everything he can to perform. He knows he may not have too many chances to prove himself when Girard returns. He must do it now. A guy with this mind-set should be thrown a lot of balls.

I also think he is better than Vaughn at returning kicks. He should be paired with Itty Bitty.

Gilligan had better step up his game if he wants to stay with the team, because it's only a matter of time before Girard comes back. I wasn't impressed with Gilligan in his early regular-season starts; he dropped balls and seemed a little gun-shy of laying out for passes in the middle and making himself vulnerable to big hits. So let's hope for everyone's sake that he kicks it up a notch tonight. Against the Riders' crack secondary, we need all the help we can get.

And pray to God that Lamar Chapman has a good game and doesn't miss any cover assignments. Curry I'm not worried about. I'm also dying to see how Megna performs at rush end. If we can disrupt Greene's timing early, things should go well for us.

Go Als!

Wouldn't it be great if Curry picked two balls and scored the winning TD, just to prove the Don wrong?

Man, I'd feast!

I honestly have no idea why Curry has been on the bench thus far. You don't bench your top rookie from last year, especially when your defense is struggling. I don't wish injuries on anyone but it might be a blessing in disguise that Crutchfield got injured. Otherwise, who knows how long it would have taken Matthews to put Curry in the lineup?

He's got 1 so far

The Als r loosing games but there usually close they just havnt been playing good lately. they have to pick there game if they wanna become first or second.

Third place Als is like saying first place Riders, get real...