Third Ottawa group out?

I suppose the entry fee (whatever it really is... $5 million or thereabouts?) may have spelled the end of the current plans to expand to Ottawa again.

I understand the thought process of asking that much upfront, but with at least 2-3 million more and perhaps up to 5 million (my estimate) to be spent building up the franchise from scratch again by the new owners, it may just be enough to scare even good, solid groups off the project.

Ask D'angelo out for a coffee again?.....or let it rest for now?...

I have no idea where I stand on this now. But it will be interesting to see how our new Commissioner (whoever he/she may be) weighs in on this.

Here's the Ottawa Sun story from today:

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The reporter Don Brennnan said,

"It's believed that the league --
which was originally looking for
a $3.5-million franchise fee --

has increased that [to $5 million]
because it is closing in on
a new, lucrative TV deal."

The CFL should thank them for adding to the TV market
rather than bump up the fee that they charge to them.

That's like a poker player trying to up his bid
after another player has matched his original bid.

That $3.5 million is off the table now
and the last player has left the table.

Well maybe it just not to be..
let just forget Ottawa for now.

See if Halifax Wins the Bid for Commonwealth games T
hen Expand there ..

Ottawa is a hockey Market anyways..
the Football past is just that the past.
Sometimes you can't relive the past

Ottawa, Quebec-City and Halifax....we need them ALL!!!!

Uh, aren't the Ottawa Senators a ressurection of the past?

I feel sorry for the fans but in some ways I love this as the city there may not have, for another while, a tenant at their stadium for some 10 dates a year, the stadium sits and loses money. I bet a large part of this is the city not willing to bend on rental conditions.

Never give up on Ottawa its a very good football town. If we cant restart Ottawa, Quebec City and Halifax have little chance.

Your Right they are
They Hockey was in very late past 1910-1934..
1992 They got hockey back
It took a great deal of time for them get hockey back
That is 58 years they had to wait.
Maybe they should wait the long for Football.

An excellent observation!!

It looks to me like the CFL tried to gouge the prospective owners for an extra $1.5 million. A dumb strategy. Also dumb is the fact that they told the other group to get lost without first having finalized the Palmer group's bid for ownership. Maybe Palmer's group would've upped their bid clsoer to the new $5 million asking price if there was competition for the franchise.

An Argo fan

yeah, still lurking...

just thought i'd drop the tip that "GoGades" has heard that Palmer's group has NOT dropped out... yet.

if they, in fact, have given up on football in OTT as much as the BoG has, the OTT fans will follow suit (whereas they were as ready to go as the HAM market was not to long ago, and is now), and i wouldn't be surprised to see the stadium torn down before the "League" ever gets their heads out... way to kill off the product... if there were 5 teams in the East... well, only to dream.

I agree that maybe we should just let this franchise sit for a few years and allow the remaining teams to get stronger and build their fan bases without having to prop up another finacially strapped team. We have a great leauge and instead of trying to expand...let's keep what we have strong!! It hasn't been that long since we were hanging by a thread!! I'd love to see them back one day but for now..move on and let's keep the league competitive!

not worried at all about the third group being a no go.
Ottawa has failed too many times why go back to beating a dead dog?
lets move on....

If the CFL is serious about bringing a sustainable Ottawa franchise into the league while ensuring that the franchise holder is in it for the long term rather than the quick dollar, maybe they could propose something like this to the ownership group lead by Bill Palmer:

  1. The Ottawa ownership group pays the initial $3.5 million expansion fee rather than the recently elevated $5 million expansion fee

  2. For the first three years, the Ottawa franchise receives 70% of that team's share of the CFL's new television contract revenue and the remaining 30% of the television revenue is placed in a trust account

  3. a) If the Ottawa club is still a functioning CFL franchise in good standing at the end of the three year period, the 30% television revenue held in trust over that three year period is paid to the Ottawa franchise, or

  4. b) If the Ottawa club is not a functioning CFL franchise in good standing at the end of the three year period, the 30% television revenue held in trust over that three year period is distributed equally in nine shares (1 share to the CFL and 1 share to each of the other 8 CFL teams)

  5. If the Ottawa club is a functioning franchise at the beginning of the fourth season, it begins to receive its full share of the new television contract revenue.

A proposal along these lines can accomplish a few objectives:

a) it gets a team back into Ottawa with a reasonably sound ownership group;

b) it provides a strong message to Ottawa CFL football fans that the CFL has not abandoned the concept of returning to Ottawa;

b) it provides a strong incentive to the Ottawa ownership to be a functioning franchise in good standing for at least three years;

c) it gives the CFL a larger television market than it would have without Ottawa;

d) it provides the CFL with some level of security in the event that the Ottawa franchise is not a functioning franchise at the end of the three year period;

e) each passing year that Frank Clair Stadium is not operating as a football stadium brings it a step closer to demolition and, if that happens, the CFL might not be able to return to Ottawa for a very long time.

If the CFL felt that the ownership group fronted by Bill Palmer was solid enough that they dismissed the competing bid by Frank D'Angelo a month or so ago, perhaps the league should take one more shot at seeing whether the Palmer group would accept some form of modified expansion fee/revenue proposal before they go their separate ways.

according to ch sports tonight and on the tsn website they are still talking with the palmer group

There Waisting the Time.. On Pamer Group..
If they don't pay the Fees Forget them.

5 Million is Cheap !!!
Houston added as 32nd NFL franchise, expansion fee $700 million. Jan. 2001.
What would Ottawa pay for an NFL Team Now
over 100 Million..
AFL an expansion team can cost between $17 million and $20 million.
(Source for AFL Info) ... 73002.html

The CFL is Probably the Cheapest Start-up.
If you want to start a Pro Football team
So Ottawa take or leave it ...

I’m with you, Ron. Your summation parrallels my own analysis.

And TSN just reported that the Palmer group denies pulling out and say that negotiations are still going on and that they are productive.

Thanks for the update, 1tccat and CaptainKirk. That news is somewhat encouraging.

Football in Ottawa is dead. It was dead for the last year that the Gleibs owned it. How about leaving ti dead for another ten years to remove the stink another recent Ottawa failure.

Expansion should move ahead in fresh markets. Preferably Quebec City and somewhere in the Maritimes, ie. Halifax.

People get so hung up on Ottawa just cause once apon a time it had a CFL team. If memories serves the Gades never had a winning record and the RRs struggled for at least a decade.

The league needs stability before plunging headlong into another expansion to a town that has failed to support 2 different teams in 15 years.

That's why the league has used the catchphrase "due diligence".

And Bob Young has proven that proper ownership can get a community behind its team. I don't blame the fans of Ottawa, I blame the previous owners.