Third Jerseys

Has anyone heard if there are gonna be third jerseys this season for the teams? I noticed the Gades had red jerseys on this weekend and I thought their home ones were black.

Yeah, the Ottawa thrid is red, and apperently the BB’s one will be all Gold!!!


I never understood teh concept of a third jersey.

As far as I’m concerned, it is nothing but a marketing ploy started by the NHL to sell more uniforms.

I love collecting jerseys so I’ll admit, I’m one of the brainless cattle that lines up with the rest of the herd when things like third jerseys come out. The Stamps store is selling all last years jerseys for $25. I have no will power so I’ll quickly have the whole “collection”.

I varie abou thrid jerseys cuz on one hand, it’s cool to see teams experiment and comw up with great jerseys (like the orange Dolphins jersey) but on the other hand, some are just fuck ed up like Calgarys thrid jersey which is now the new home jersey. SICK!!!

That would be absolutely horrible.

The thought of it reminds me of the Nashville Predators’ ugly tobacco yellow 3rd jerseys - looks like somebody gave themselves an enema with yellow paint then let 'er rip and spray all over a hockey jersey.

third jerseys are stupid…i could understand the rades wearing red for canada day though, and i dont mind throwback jerseys

–What do you mean? Are you talking about the Flames, when their black jersey with the horse head on it became their road jersey for a couple years? That went back to just being a third jersey in 2003-4. But it was never their home jersey.

I hear the Stamps have a new black third jersey, that they’ll unveil on Labour Day(they always wear black on Labour Day, but apparently this is a new one).

i hope the esks wear their gold one on labour day

Esk are going gold too! aww shit and Thrid and Ten was worried about Black taking over the league!

aren’t the Edmonton colors green and yellow!

I hate the Flames secord logo, it’s SICK!!!


Really - tho … Who the hell cares what the Jersey’s look like … Sounds like there are people / children on this site that lose sleep regarding the jerseys. I don’t care if a team choses to change their jersey every 15 minutes, or have 70 different logo’s … Some of these queers need to get a life … its a football game … not a fashion show. (EskJebus - i’m not referring to you … just ranting about the hourly jersey complaints on this site)