Third Jerseys

just wondering if anybody thinks we should wear our yellow and red third jerseys more often this year?

my personal opinion is yes, i thought they looked really sharp on my hdtv neways.

im all for it.

They need an old school throwback uni with an ‘H’ on the helmet. We need to claim the ‘H’ before Halifax gets a club.

You know, like Winnipeg’s gold unis.

Yes I like to see them maybe 3 Times a year.

Hall of Fame Game Labor day
when Montreal is here the 1st time

Something like that Pro-Line commercial?

You missed the most obvious option.
NEVER!!!! They are UGLY !!!!!!!!!!

so what are they, tiger cats....or bumble bees??? :twisted:

Black and Gold

Hamilton Tigercats

Black and Gold !!!!!!!

I thought the yellow jerseys were great. Did they have red in them??? I thought it was just yellow and black. Anyway, they had a classic feel to them, since they're yellow, but a modern look.

Actually, I really like what the Ti-Cats have done with their jerseys. Same sort of thing: classic feel, modern look.

I'd really like to see retro outfits for teams across the league.

The Hamilton Wildcats had Red in there Uniforms.
The Hamilton Tigers had Black and Gold..
When They Join the Colours became White black and Gold

So we can still use red a bit

I would prefer a retro uniform from 1965 with a gold helmet with the original logo, but that isn't an option in the poll, I guess. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

They need the old tiger logo on a helmet before a "H." If letters are to be on the helmet, I suggest the 1965 helmet with the "TC logo" on it.

If one wants to get even more particular, the 1967 Centennial logo:

I'm a stickler for tradition here, what can I say? :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Go old school!

I am a supporter of the H logo on the helmet. Just not for every game.