Third jerseys and next year

To quote the Spec:

[i]This year's third jersey is something of a one-off. A limited number of the actual jerseys and replicas will go on sale today. The Ticats will wear the new gold-base tops, along with black pants, for one game Aug. 12 at Ivor Wynne versus the Toronto Argonauts. The Cats will then auction off the game-worn duds for charity.

Most CFL teams introduced a third jersey last season as part of a Reebok-Canada jersey redesign. The Tabbies chose to wait until this year.

Ross McCracken, Reebok-Canada's director of league partnerships, said Hamilton's new look was 18 months in the making and was chosen from a list of 10 designs.

"The real goal was to develop something that was aggressive and exciting and that is really fashionable and functionable. It's something fresh from a very traditional franchise."

Adam Provost, Ticat vice-president of external relations, said the club chose a gold base to provide "a truly black and gold jersey" in response to focus groups and season ticket-holders who were looking for both a vibrant but traditional colour scheme.

Provost said the new look is one of the brightest the club has worn and should appeal to younger fans.

"That was our focus, to get a little bit younger, a little hipper," he said.

Provost said the focus groups loved the new look, as have the players. He said the Cats may wear a third jersey a couple more times in 2007 but that look will likely be modified again.[/i]


If it's redesigned, what would you like to see?

I would like to see a complete retro look.

Yellow helmets, striped sleeves, and gold pants with no stripes. The late sixties, early seventies look as opposed to the mid to late seventies look, which got wimpy.

Definately agreed......hate to see them do anymore damage to the best uniform/logo in professional football....

would also like to see them in the opposing teams endzone

No Change. I like it just the way it is.

Retro Third Jersey including the stripes of old.

For all the NFL wannabee’s many of their teams third Jerseyes were Replicas of previous years past

It wouldn't matter to me if they decided to wear pink tutus with steel toed work boots at home then switch to coveralls and ballet slippers on the road as long as they began to resemble a football team that had a plan. There are a lot bigger issues than the style of the uniform for this team.