Third Down and 3

I'm really not pleased with that call to gamble on 3rd and 3. At that point of the game with Calgary taking charge right from the first snap was risking handing them even more momentum. Calgary had just scored a TD and then you hand them FG range a minute later? Hindsight is 20/20 sure but that was something that I never would have risked. The Stamps went up 14-0 right after the turnover. Considering that they did next to jack squat the entire remainder of the game one could make a strong argument that Calgary won on the strength of those first 5 minutes.

I know that Coach Craig loves gambling on 3rd and 2 which I don't really care for. I like Craig A TON but just not this. Stop those risky gambles please. They're not worth it.

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Agree, I thought was a strange call, maybe trying to show up his brother??
Way to early in the game as well. I would understand near the end of game if you needed the points. Or to try to draw them offside, take the delay of game, then kick.

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I thought it was a bit risky for that field position/game time as well...but Cody has to make that throw. Receiver (Swerve?) was pretty much WIDE-OPEN...and Cody missed him.

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Sure Cody did, but you risk that all players make errors on any play. The coach has to know that something like an overthrow, a missed block, a bobbled snap, a dropped pass. All of those things are possible in that situation and it doesn't make them bad players. On 3rd and 1 you remove the bad throw or the dropped pass from the equation so it is far less risky.

But what most fans forget is that there are TWO things to consider when making these decisions. The first is the odds that you will succeed. Everyone understands that (although many don't know how to calculate those odds) and the other is what you stand to lose if you fail. Most don't think of this at all. That is why they are fans and not coaches.

At that point Calgary had ALL the momentum and Sask was risking handing them scoring position AGAIN before the Stamps offense could find the gatorade after their first score. The Riders stood to lose a lot in that situation. That outweighed how easy it may or may not have been to succeed on the play.

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I don't remember which coach said this.

But I’ve always felt that three things can happen to you whenever you throw the football, and two of them are bad.

But true

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Well, maybe a shorter pass, but . At that part of the field, I was surprised to see a gamble, although if they try that again, dickenson is a special teams guy, They should have a trick play set up for a situation like that next time, and make it a relatively safe one, direct snap, sweep. And pass, Statue of Liberty play. Make something new up . Fool somebody.