Third and Ten MIA?

…where’s our favourite Als fan these days?..has anyone tried calling his apartment?..I hope he didn’t shoot his TV set after the loss to Ottawa and the damn bullet rebounded back, breaking most of his girlfriend’s Hummel Collection, and on getting kicked out by Mme 3/10 he bought boxes and boxes of The Don’s debut CD and now he is forced to travel the backroads of Quebec in a '87 Chevy Vandura with a bare-breasted air-brushed warrior woman on the side hawking the discs at county fairs and in strip mall parking lots with no access to the Internet…geez, I hope that hasn’t happened to him…

Me too! he is a friend of mine, after all and he tell that guy that is going after me to fuck off!

great story though, RandW, LMFFAO!!! :lol:

Vivid imagination. How’s this for an explanation? He took a holiday monday to make it an extra long vacation and is enjoying time off work and not caring that he’s not writing in this forum. More probable?

Nope, RedandWhites is much more probable.

he collapsed after the OTTAWA/MONTREAL game. :lol: :wink: :smiley:

nope…he is on a recruiting mission of CIS players to fill the holes that are now becoming quite evident…also advising the Don to put out a new release …" It ain’t over till the fat lady sings"…

I thought he was going to go to some away games? Maybe he’s on the road.

Tell me you’re talking abount another Als Fan…

Als Fan

Was I dreaming? I thought it was Third and Ten that wanted to attend some games out of his Province. Maybe I have him confused with someone else.

Anyways…Have you heard from him? Like Red & White noted, he hasn’t been around this week.

I’m sorry, i was talking about the first post and the first statement “Where is our favorite Als Fan these days” .

Als Fan

I think Sportsman is right! I remember him talking about it.

Thats okay…We love you too Als fan!

LMAO ! You guys sure are funny men.

Unfortunately, my story isn’t nearly has interesting as RedandWhite imagined it. I say unfortunately because had it been the case, I might have make some good money out of the movie rights to my life.

What happened is this: I had a condominium being built and it was supposed to be ready for July 1st. My rent was also ending on that day. But the freakin’ condo isn’t ready yet… and won’t be until AUGUST! My rent still ended on July 1st. So I am now homeless! lol… My bare-breasted warrior of a girlfriend and I are now wanderers. Nomads! And my computer is hibernating. So I may be less active on the forum for the upcoming days.

But I won’t miss a week of VGCC nor Fantasy pool just because I am now a hobo! I wen’t to my dad’s place today to fill in my picks. A guy must never forget his priorities.

And, by the way, Sportsmen was right. I plan on attending a few games out of la belle province this year, but time hasn’t come yet. I’ll be in Ottawa some time this July or August. And then I’ll go to Calgary and Edmonton, but that will only be in October. Already have my tickets for Hamilton @ Calgary (Oct. 14) and Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Oct. 15).

Tanks for caring !

WELCOME BACK! :smiley:

Dang! Mate! I’m sorry to hear that! Welcome back, I lot of shit has happened while you were gone!

Take care! :wink:

Hate to admit it…um…this is hard…damn, this is hard…um, that is the funniest response I’ve read here since the last time I posted! Cheers, seniore(I don’t have a spanish keyboard).

…but I thought i’td be a Lumina?? But don’t be too worried…I’m certain he’d surrender before he shot himself… :wink:

Sorry to hear about the problem with the builders. Hope they rectify it as soon as possible for you. Looking forward to meeting and greeting on the 15th here in Edmonton.