Third and Short

Why is it, each and every year the Ticats 3rd and short offense looks the same. The line just does not get off the ball and for what ever reason the RB's dont hit the hole, or the line with any speed. It is like watching paint dry until the RB hits the ground short of the intended target.

It shouldn't even be a running back involved. Casey Printers should carry it himself. We haven't had a running back who could make that play since Julian Radlein.

My exact same thoughts.

Just like the 2nd and long patterns that are 2 or 3 yards short of a first down.

Yeah both of those things are my pet peeves of the offense. I've got white knuckles on every third down gamble because for some reason it's a real struggle for the offense.

On the other side of the ball we give up the 2nd and long consistently to the opponents.

Well, you guys inherited Marcel Beaullefuille. Talk to the Montreal and Saskatchewan posters. They hated him as their Offensive coordinator for the way he calls the Offensive plays.

I don't know how this guy continually gets hired.

It all boils down to the offensive plan communicated by the coordinator. Why is it we the fans can see what is developing on the field and those morons with the headsets can not! Should be one pathetic crowd come next Friday night.

Jeff Piercy, who came to you from the Als, is excellent on short yard situations. He demonstrated this last evening. He is also good on screen passes. He is better than the big back who held this position before him.