Third and goal from the one yard line

The gazelle got stuffed!

Good runners never leave their feet like that...

Great clip Blue. Wow, can those animals leap or what!

Charles Roberts leaves his feet on short yardage...forward progress doesn't mean much in the real world of

If players could be killed and eaten on the field, some of them would make so much more efforts. I'd like to see a leopard track down Thyrone Anderson...

... Bah! He'll probably be eaten by a Lion in two weeks from now...

The gazelle crossed the plain a swear i saw it! - Forward progress...

Blind who magoo ref says -
" upon review of the play, the lions will be charged with an objectional-conduct 15 yards applied after the kickoff, the play stands 'touchdown gazelle' "

What you would see in that case is the leopard running past Anderson because like everyone else at hte game the leopard cant understand why he gave up on his route so quickly

Are you insane? There is no way that was a touchdown! The ball has to cross the plain, not the player's head! The ball clearly did not cross the goal line before the lion had downed the Gazelle.

You'd better get your glasses fixed. :lol:

Looks like a Lion plucking a Roughrider out of the air. Mmmm...a hungry Lion at that.

The play was CLEARLY!!!out of bounds... so yes its prolly a Lion attempting to injure a Roughrider..

Dont Fear the Gopher!!!!!!!!

I'm going to agree Touchdown Gazelle. BUT the lion is penalized with rough play, a 25 yard penalty will be applied on the kickoff and the lion is subsequently disqualified.

I would also strongly reccommend the league commissioner look into these matters.

Agree..he clearly went for the throat.. I feel a suspension is in the making

I'd be more concerned with the blatent leg whipping. That Lion really wanted a steak dinner! :lol:

I think it is pass interference.
I mean come on? Where is the ball?

Typical cheating lions.....

That reminds me of Jackie Mitchell knocking Mr Dickenson senseless.

That lion is probably going to leave us for the NFL now.

yep, the runner should never leave his feet, he is too vulnerable in the air!

Maybe the Lion's coach promised him he'd get to eat a steak dinner as a reward

What are you talking about?? The tackle was totally clean!!

I’d say that Lion “crarved” out a place in CFL history.