Thir JErseys?

i thought they looked wicked, are we going to be using them again, like the ekies do theres?? they looked good.. and if they arent would you like to see them wear them regularley?

My OPINION is that they should revert to practice jerseys for their games until the mgmt has a real team developed.

good insight drop, i think the gold jersey's should only be worn with the white pants and only for the last home game of each season, i believe that the ticats should be like the miami dolphins, washington redskins and dallas cowboys, and just rock our white jerseys at home, at least it could give the team a different look and help erase some of our memories.

I really liked the gold jerseys. In my opinion I think they should replace the white jerseys and wear the gold ones instead. The Ticat's major colours are supposed to be black and gold aren't they not black and white?

I didn't think the numbers were very easy to see. Maybe I need better eyes.

Whatever colour Jersey they wore in Winterpeg when they won, should be worn in EVERY game, home & away.


better eyes.

They look okay but they smell bad.
I say never again.

Thank you, drummer god - I was confused between the Gold third jerseys and the regular ones. I like the regular ones - very nice... very easy to see the numbers. The gold ones well... point already made. I'd like to see the regular third jerseys more often... best with black pants. I can't remember - is that their choice too? Black pants are slimming (and a few players need a little help there).