Thinks are looking good for the Riders, Injury wise.

Well, The Riders are getting healthier.

Holmes is in, Frazier is in, Adams is in, Murphy is in, Floyd is in! Cates… not sure yet.

We already know Fantuz is ready,

I think we’re going to be JUST fine!! :wink:

Sounds good lets hope the Riders show up come game day as Taylor field is going to be nuts, probably the craziest crowed seen in Years wish i was their, but i'm stuck here in Manitoba :frowning:

Whereabouts in toba riderfan23?

Healthy is good - we can win even without some of our first stringers but I'd rather not have to put that to the test.

No Szarka. No Cates. No Dominguez. No Washington. No Stancil. That is not healthy.

Ya I cant believe Cates and Szarka arnt in thats too bad oh well yo murphy is back same with holmes and ranek is heathly If we win NO ONE I repeate NO ONE can say that Injuries to any team contributed in the Riders winning!! We have been just as plaqued as the other teams

I'm confident that Ranek and Holmes (along with Kerry's legs) will be able to get the job done for us on the ground. It is expected that teams will have guys injured at this point in the season and it's just something we will have to battle through if we want to win the Grey Cup. The D should be running on full cylinders tomorrow as well. Look out Hank!