Thinking way outside the box and the mike backer

Where is Dennis McPhee? Was he not a defensive coach? He left Waterloo I remember? Anybody know? Next year how about giving Joe Paopao a shot at OC or head coach. Still would love to see a major trade to get Soloman Eliminian from BC though the cost would probably be pretty steep. Sorry Ray but when running backs keep getting player of the week week after week that's the MLB's most important responsibility even with a Creehan system. And yes you can have lots of tackes but when they are tackels from behind for 6,7 or more yards that's lousy mlb play. I agree creehan is not up to the job right now but please remember he was not here last year either when Edmonton and Winnepeg ran up the middle. Checkout the East final tape from last year.

Deke McPhee would be an excellent choice for DC....he coached the TC LBs when they lead the league....he coached the DL when they lead the league...he is the closest thing to Sudsy you'll ever get....he's Sudsy's boy...

But....I doubt it'll happen, cuz he's never been DC and they would be afraid to hire a rookie coordinator again.....

How about bring back Greg Marshall as DC and Deke as DL/LB coach? I think Marshall would come if they pay him enough....
Do whatever you can to get Solomon....but, what do we have to offer BC? The only thing BC needs is OL help.....?

Deke McPhee would be a great choice as DC IMHO as I am a Sudsy disciple re defensive philosophy. However, I think the timing of the hire (mid-season) would be problematic.

As for Paopao as OC, no thanks - I saw that movie in Tigertown before. I really don't think Cortez has been the issue re playcalling. We have breakdowns in execution at times on offense and a defence that is an absolute sieve at this point. You could have Flutie and co. in Toronto in their primes with this D and they would struggle to win.

You can't tackle, you can't win. You can't make the right calls, it only compounds the nightmare!

Oski Wee Wee,


That ship (McPhee) could be convinced to come back..... :cowboy:

Deke McPhee would be a great choice as DC IMHO

But why leave the great pay of college ball to come here???

Exactly who are you calling a moron and which football mind is it that you think Bob knows more about football than?
You say Obie has to go because you think he's responsible for hiring players, who hired all these morons then? Using your system doesn't that person have to go for hiring morons?
Sauve? Lancaster? Obie? Mitchell? Has to be the head guy right? No one cam wrestle control away from the president so are you saying Scott MItchell is a moron?

Yup, but have to agree with oui oui, don't hand him this mess and expect instant results, bring him in at the start of a season and let him go from day 1 his way.

I agree...but he could be brought back as the DL/LB coach now....he'd teach the newcomers about what Hamilton defense is all about.....and he'd teach 'em in a hurry.....he has persuasiveness :twisted:

McPhee is at Western now I do believe.

In retrospect....why not bring Deke in now?

They can't be worse. He would have a chance to grow with relatively low expectations and less pressure than he might be under at the start of the year when we all will expect them to be good again.

Small improvements now would be celebrated.....and he wouldn't be able to do anything but improve our defense...

What the hell.

Give him a shot now. Roll the dice.

Hire Dennis McPhee as the DC tomorrow.

Any change at DC in mid-season would have to entail an internal promotion from the existing staff, IMHO. The only person on the staff who has any DC experience in a CFL context that could take over in that scenario would be special teams coordinator Jim Daley. Not that appetizing for me, but Creehan is out of his element. Nelson Martin (DB coach) and John Zamberlin (LB coach) do not have any DC experience in the CFL.

I don't like the prospect of changing a head coach or a coordinator in mid-season, but with the personnel we have on defence, having a DC whose calls are questionable in a system that seems to be unsound, well....

Oski Wee Wee,


Exactly....and that's why I've changed my mind to .."what the hell"....baptism by fire for McPhee.....

I hate midseason change too, but I see no hope without change. Unfortunately, I feel like the defensive players feel the same way as I do.

yeah, we had all that and WAYYYYYYY more in Year One alone...........McPhee, LaPolice, Reed, Murray, Barresi, MARSHALL and a few you really think we'd be in this position if we had STUCK with these quality people?...............we'd have at least won a Grey Cup by now for sure

....aside from coaches, marketing wizards like Christopher Dean, Dave Sauve and Adam Provost were dismissed...............and at least a bazzilion other excellent office staff...........bottom line is that Bob Young needs to run this thing again.............he knew what he was doing even though he doesn't believe it

We need someone who can give the ticats 100% of their attention year round.. Bob Young cant do that. If you seriously think BY was making ALL of the football decisions.. you are delusional.

Im not saying the guys that were brought in saved the day, but letting BY 'run' the ticats (im not sure if youre implying GM? President?) is not the answer.. I would defintely not miss Scott Mitchell. BY is the money, and Mitchell is the whisper in his ear, telling him how to spend that money.. certainly we could use a change in that department.