Thinking outside the box...

I know it`s a pipe dream, but what does this sound like?

Head Coach and Dir. of Football Ops: Cortez (since that`s what his contract is);
Offensive Co-Ordinator: Paul Lapolice; and
Defensive Co-Ordinator: Greg Marshall (NOT the CIS guy).

That`s some serious CFL experience in the co-ordinator positions.



I'd be good with your first two choices...but I'm not sure about Greg Marshall.
I think he could improve our defence quickly but it would be a tough decision for him if Obie calls. He could lose his payout from Saskatchewan..and would have no guarantee of a job after his Tiger-Cat contract expired. He may prefer to try for a job with Ottawa or head down to the NFL or a US college team.
If they could snag Paul Lapolice they would be in good shape offensively. In that situation maybe they can patch something together with some former players for the rest of this season and find another DC for next year.
Lordy......the last thing I expected in the off-season was ANOTHER mess like this. :cry:

I believe Marshall is willing to come on with the Cats, whether as the new DC or consultant to teach Creehan how to coach so long as he has an out in 2 years

I believe the Cats are interested in him but have to work out the deal with Sask

I believe the stumbling block is Sask, who understands that their likely only playoff hope is the cross over and that their main obstacle would be Hamilton, who only needs two more wins that Sask for the rest of the year and Sask is out. I believe they would rather eat Marshall's salary than give Hamilton any chance of squeezing them out of the playoffs, especially in that the balance of the schedule is tougher for Sask than Hamilton. The key games will be a pair against Toronto and they can determine not only the fate of Sask but of Hamilton

So I think Sask screws Hamilton and eats the salary, but they best watch out for this thing called karma.

On another note, for all those who posted that the Cats scored garbage points that were meaningless, please consider that we play the Argos 4 times this year, and if if we win two more than TO coming into the last game against the Argos, we would have to beat them and beat the total points battle. Losing by 11 and 3 points after our initial win, keeps us well in the hunt whereas if we had not scored the so called "garbage 14 points" at end, the point differential would have been insurmountable.

Perhaps kudos to Cortex for understanding the big picture that some of us emotional fans did not, and making sure that they kept the point differential down.

How could anyone want Lapo as OC. The guy was the reason the pegs offence was terrible and he was a coach here once already a few years back ans stunk then too.