Thinking of Staying Home

The 80% Chance of Rain has me thinking of Staying Home
Also You can't take great Photos in a Downpoor
I spend most of Game Taking Photos
I am thinking Saving my Ticket For Labour Day and paying a few Extra Dollars .

Any Thoughts?
I am not sure what to do ?

Staying home because of a little rain?

I am a little shocked to be frank with you. I thought you were a dedicated fan.

What are you made of,spun sugar?gee it might rain I'm staying home.since when did we in ticat nation become nutured housecats.if you don't wish to deal with the elements be an argo fan.

8) Tom, of all people, YOU wanting to stay at home !!!
  Leave the camera at home and bring your rainwear.

  I'm leaving soon, got all the rainwear packed and ready to go.

  Be there Tom  !!!

Tom, I'll be quite disappointed in you if rain keeps you out of IWS. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Anyone who stays home is a pansy... There you go I said it. I'm a Cats fan since I was 8 and go to games in the rain, snow or shine.

Oskee Wee Wee......

ok I am coming See you there
Thanks Guys.

What's a matter with you people...I mean really.

Thinking of staying home because of a predicted night of rain and thunderstorms does not make you a pansy or a non fan. I guess some ignorant people just love to jump in and hoist themselves above others whenever they feel they can.

Wow, from what I'm reading...if I don't go to every game rain or shine I'm a pansy and not a that right?

Ya, OK....whatever.

Thank you for outing yourself glovesave self admission is the first step towards recovery

anyone find the Rain Policy for the Ticats ?

No amount of rain in the forecast will keep me home. We sat through the BC game a few years back in the downpour and didn't leave.

I don't mind rain anyway. I'll bring my ugly yellow poncho and be done with it.

Off-topic threads are more interesting than this one. :roll:


Why would you create a thread with a title such as that and by doing so, suggesting others should also stay away.....yes, you didn't quite say it in so many words but you sure telegraphed it.

If any thread deserves to be nuked, this one does. :x

Sorry, but I don't see any reference to anyone else staying home except Tom. I know a lot of people won't be going due to the weather and that's their choice. Tom didn't try to suggest anyone else stay home so get over it.

Only small umbrellas are allowed, but I would never bring an umbrella to a football game.

ugly yellow pancho - check
back up big green garbage bag - check
verboten flask of warmer - check and recheck
ticket - check

See you there.

Only an 80% chance of rain, may even be over by then.

If was only that easy with the other 5,000 that will stay home because of the rain... :wink:

He did ask, didn't he?

What did he think the diehards were going to say?

No I didn't I was just want Advice on what I should do .

And advice you received. :wink:

No offense intended - I just thought the replies were pretty much to be expected, given the question.

I actually logged on to post "hey guys, I always vote for the Ticats, do I think I should vote for them or the Esks tonight?" but, seeing the sharks circling, I think I'll abstain. :wink:

I am home (replete with a "distance" exemption) in my comfy chair. LOL

For all in Ticat Nation, regardless of being live at the game, in Taiwan, in Tampa, in Tuktoyaktuk, or in Montreal: enjoy the game and let's root for this club to continue its push for a home playoff game and a November to be proud of in Tigertown!

Oski Wee Wee,