Thinking of creating a podcast feed that pulls in all official (and unofficial) CFL-themed podcasts into one place; would you use it?

  • I listen to multiple CFL podcasts and would make use of a multi-podcast feed
  • I listen to one or two CFL podcasts, but wouldn't listen to more than that
  • I don't listen to podcasts / CFL podcasts

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Hi everyone - for a few weeks now I've been musing about building a new feature on that allows you to subscribe to one or more podcast feeds in one step:

  • Every official CFL team podcast
  • Every unofficial (fan) CFL-themed podcast
  • Every CFL fantasy podcast
  • Every CFL podcast that exists and will ever exist

The thing is: I listen to many CFL podcasts because I consider that a part of my job. I'm wondering if I'm building a feature nobody would use. So I ask you CFL fans; what are your podcast listening habits? Would you make use of one of these multi-podcast feeds?

Really don't know how to do "podcasts" and have never listened to one. So my vote was so directed.

I'm with you Palmer. And, since it looks like there won't be any CFL in 2020 and maybe not for some time thereafter (if at all, worst case scenario), it does not strike me as being a good time to be setting up something like this. Sort of like whistling by the graveyard.

The poll results here speak volumes about the demographic of CFL fans currently