Thinking of buying a jersey?

Hey I just checked the prices of the new jerseys in each team’s store and on that of the CFL. I can’t believe there is so much disparity from one place to the next. Thinking of buying a jersey? SHOP!

Prices of blank jerseys:

  • Hamilton store: 85$
  • Winnipeg store: 85$
  • Any team in the CFL Store: 90$
  • Edmonton store: 90$
  • Saskatchewan store: 90$
  • Calgary store: 95$*
  • BC store: 105$
  • Montreal store: 110$
  • Ottawa store is closed. Toronto store’s link leads to the CFL store.

Price of personalized jerseys (heat press in most cases)

  • Wininpeg store (heat press): 110$
  • Any team in the CFL store (heat press): 130$
  • Montreal store: 144$
  • BC store: 160$
  • Winnipeg store (pro stiched): 170$
  • Calgary store (single digit jersey): 170$*
  • Any team in the CFL store (pro stiched): 190$
  • Calgary store (double digit jersey): 195$*
  • Personalized jerseys prices unavailable in the Hamilton, Saskatchewan and Edmonton stores.
  • Ottawa store is closed. Toronto store’s link leads to the CFL store.
  • According to Canoe. Calgary website is in construction.

pretty expensive I must say. My wife paid a fortune for my Pitts black Stamps jersey. Contact me if you want to buy it.

…has it got big armpit stains and dried up nacho cheeze dribbled down the front?..

…in the sakatchewan store if you have SKI on the end of your name it is covered under the the one-letter cost…

I called the Ti-Cats store for my lettered jersey. Their lettering package is 65 bucks. Guess who I got on it???

Montford? Uh, no… he’s gone…

Cheatwood? Uh, no… he’s gone…

Flutie? Uh, no… they both said no…

My Pitts jersey is in good shape. It goes good with a black cowboy hat, which I’ll sell too.

OHHHHH!! The burn from Third and Ten. I love it. That’s what we need more of. Forget the no brain, Jr. High insults. The classic, good ol’ fashion “Burns” and “Zingers”. Like that EE guy did in another thread. Some on left a “ball hanging of the plate” and EE knocked it out of the park. Now 3/10 did it. Boo-Ya!!

WHen I was in the Stamps store, they were selling the jersies for $195, but that was with the nice numbers, not press on.

Yeast what are talking about.

First, some people complain about the CFL BUSH league sponsors and now that REEBOK , is with the CFL , as it is with the NFL …some people complain that they are too expensive…How much will the new REEBOK …NFL sweaters cost in American dollars?

And I thought that WINNIPEG had it’s colours before the RAMS.?

I don’t think they are too much more expensive than they were before, but they seem to be a lot higher quality than the Puma jersies (at least the one I have)

how much are the old jerseys going for?

A lot of places had blank ones for half off, but I don’t know what inventory is like.

soon as i get a job im buying a whole lot

YOu might want to make sure that they can still put the correct numbering on them, if you buy a blank jersey

o…im not gettin the blank ones, i was plannin on going to jersey city and checkin if they still have some in the back they can sell me.