Thinking Ahead: Recommendations For Next CFL Season?

Yep! Theaters are hurting for new movie releases. Hollywood has delayed new blockbuster releases. They need new content.

Ontario allowed a limited amount of theaters open before it shut down the theaters again. Fifty people were allowed in mass gatherings, but the cinemas got around the issue by having 50 people per movie screen.

When the CFL opens their season in June, the mass gathering limits might be be resumed or increased, depending on how Canadians flatten the curve.

A deal could be worked out by allowing the theaters receive a small cut of the ticket sales. Each movie screen would be like a remote stadium section. The movie chains have done this before with WWE pay-per-view broadcasts several years ago


why would people go to theatre to watch sports when they could just watch on tv? Specially during the pandemic

and at 50 people a shot, I think it would take a hell of a lot of theatres to be worth it.

It would be a more immersive and enjoyable--and social--experience for some. It might be worth it for teams to at least reach out to ST holders to guage interest.

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All-Star Game: Nationals versus Internationals; or CFLers versus Grey Cup champs.
Afternoon Grey Cup.
Abandon crossover playoff format.
Discontinue full interlocking regular season schedule.
Add two pre-season games and reduce regular season by two.

Radically shake up television schedule: midweek games; autumn afternoons etc.

Free popcorn and beer and snacks with your all-inclusive admission fee, and quality stuff not crap, could go a long way plus some folks want to get out of the house and enjoy watching games with other fans in a stadium setting.

Again, this is not a new concept and has been popular especially amongst young people in the bar areas at the venues themselves like in Hamilton and in Winnipeg.

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First one is not happening -- risk of injury and meaninglessness of the game mean players wouldn't go full out. There's virtually nothing to be gained anyway. All-star games are big events in some sports, but not in football. Even the mighty NFL can't make an all-star game work.

Afternoon Grey Cup seems extremely unlikely, given that the biggest TV audiences are at night, but I don't think this is completely out of the question. A start as early as 3 ET might happen at some point.

Crossover is tied to interlocking. I think both of those will happen. Cutting down cross-country travel will reduce expenses. If each division mostly plays itself, there's virtually no need for a crossover. (The downside of this is paying customers seeing the same teams repeatedly, and not seeing some teams at all.)

Replacing two regular-season games with preseason games will never, ever happen. No one wants to buy tickets to the preseason. Revenue would definitely be reduced if this were to happen.


The all-star format could work with a flag football game to avoid injury. Make it a corporate event like the NHL All-Star game is. Have a skills competition like QB toss, tug of war, obstacle challenge, Corporate sponsors could provide prize incentive like a truck, cash prize, airline tickets, etc.

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A skills competition is an idea but flag football doesn't prevent the risk of injury .. ask Robert Edwards ... his injury was on a beach but pros playing at even 80% speed on a field put stress on joints

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I injured a hamstring pretty bad playing touch ball. Contact injuries a lot less likely to happen though. If they played on reg grass, many other injuries would be less likely to happen.

Question, how does a pro o-lineman play touch ball?

They don't. Put them in a tug-of-war contest or a dead lift competition

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Dak Prescott broke his ankle in live game last week. Injuries happen. Edwards injury was based on playing on an unstable playing surface like sand in comparison to a solid surface like grass or turf to make cuts.

Players can opt out or sign a waiver if they chose to participate. Nobody will force the players to play if they don't want to

[quote="DaveDaHammer, post:51, topic:68473"]Players can opt out or sign a waiver if they chose to participate. Nobody will force the players to play if they don't want to

Nobody will force the fans to watch, either (which is why this idea is a non-starter).

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I remember that episode and that was the last time any such exhibition was done for the Pro Bowl too.

The episode ended his career as well.

All that for "only an exhibition" and "fun" right?

The players union will weigh in as well, and they will act in solidarity on this one. The answer already has been no and will be no now. Sorry, exhibition flag football involving NFL players is not happening sir.

It's time to beat this dead horse of a flag football or other all-star exhibition by pro football players but for the stupid Pro Bowl of the NFL, which itself is being overhauled because it has sucked for half of my life and all attempts to redo it have SUCKED because the concept itself is lame.

Skills competitions are all okay though.

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The flag football all-star game is to promote the league have allow the fans see the fun side of the CFL.

Who plays all out in a pickup game anyway? When I ever did play a pick up hockey game or football game in the backyard or local outside rink, it was to have fun. No slapshots, no body checks for pick up hockey games. Touch football with 3 "steamboat" count to rush the passer. Nobody got hurt, we had a few laughs, had a few pops and created bonds of friendship. That is what the CFL should aim for

That is how you tenderize horse meat. it's considered a delicacy in Europe. LOL!

Anyway the flag football all-star game is for showcasing the CFL and it's stars. The show people the fun side of football. If the CFL wants to use flag football to be a grassroot objective, they should seriously back up behind it's aim.

Maybe include a celebrity CFL flag football game with a running time to make it easier for the non-athletic celebs. The NBA has a celebrity game, why can't the CFL? The CFL should make their all star game more comparable to the NHL All-Star, make it a corporate event, an interaction between fans and players

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Robert Edwards went on to have a solid CFL career for 3 years including being named all-star for 2 seasons with the Montreal Alouettes.

Dave, you don't even have to play all out to get hurt. The player who got hurt in the NFL episode did so in no unusual play. It's not happening.

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Very slowly compared to the "skill" position players

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