Think we have a chance at WF If we keep playing like this?

Hey everybody i know that we are playing games that do not mean anything , and we have to watch injery's , but don't you think the lions have to step it up a bit? i think this game against winnipeg they better come out that it means something because you do not want to go into the playoffs not feeling good about your play,that is what happend last year and look what happend, i know they won on saturday but come on, they have to performe a lot better then this.

And i think this game coming up on saturday will determine how many people will be at the wf, if they come out and put on a solid performance, the tickets will start selling a lot faster, if the lions do not play well, and the game is boring like on saturday than the wf is going to be a tough sell, except if saskatchewan get in there.

Don't read too much into last Saturday's game.

Remember 2 years ago? The Lions clinched first with 2 home games to go including the last place Stamps coming in here. The Lions escaped with the win thanks to Jake Ireland blowing a call on what was a legal onside kick to end the game.

The next week the Riders came in here needing to win to clinch 2nd and a home playoff game.
Sound familar?

The Lions know they have to raise their intensity against a hungry Bomber team that has a good defence. I'm expecting both teams to bring it on Saturday with lots of Bomber fans in the stands.

Should be perfect game leading into the WF for the Lions.... just like in ’04.

As for their chances at the WDF based on the last game , it's hard to say. Look at Calgary's performance in their last game , would their chances be any better based on that one?
With the Lions it's hard to say what they're doing . By that I mean , are they taking the approach that the Argos did at the end of '04 regular season ? The Argos held back too , not even playing their starters , like a pre-season game . And they got critisized for it and then went on to win the Grey Cup. Is that what the Lions are trying to do? Not show the playbook anymore, keep starters healthy as possible ? If they are , remember it worked for the Argos in '04.