Think about this

I had such a good time today watching Bishop tossing the football around all over the place out there today -it was a thing of beauty. Now think about this… how much better would todays game have been had your team listened to me and signed Ted White! You’re q.b’s combined couldn’t even throw as far as Bishop, you needed a canon armed q.b like Teddy White out there real bad toaday. I’m out and I just want to say I told you so.

Ted Who? Whats to say he’s better than Williams or Chang, NOTHING

marcel bring him in as a lineman

Ted White? Wasn't he the news anchor for Mary Tyler Moore's television station?

No that was Ted Baxter. Good thought tho. I'd take Murray from that show to lead the offence

Our starting QB overthrows everybody by ten yards and you're suggesting we get a guy with a stronger arm? :wink:

danny mac could outrun ted white

Ted Knight.

Ted White was

Knight is the real name Baxter is the tage name

Bring back Ed Smith.
He threw it so hard no one could catch it.

Ted White?
Montreals back up for years Ted White?

** confirmed on a course using greased skids, a 45-degree course gradient, a 50 mph tailwind, and NASA-grade aerodynamic body armour. Danny ran his patented naked bootleg a hair faster than Ted White, almost nudging the pace tortoise from behind at the finish stripe.

:D :D :D

Oski Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeze,

Someone wants the cats to sign Ted White? are you serious? That honestly made my day. Who says something like that. Thats like going to a Pie eating contest & eating Cake. who does that?!