Think about it!!!!!

This will be official by the end of the month.
Avery,and Baker to the Lions.
In return Printers will become an Argo!!!!!!
You watch and see!!!!!

Wally won’t put up with Avery’s attitude. Besides, we have Antonio Warren.
If you had picked 1 more player other than Avery, I’d say you would have an interesting deal.

Don’t write off Grandpa Allen yet. He did pretty good against Calgary and Sask.

Agree with sportsman , no use for Avery here . Baker , while he's a good receiver , won't come over either . BC's already got a pretty good group of receivers now , I can't see Wally changing that either. Besides Baker just got a suspension didn't he? That wouldn't sit well with Wally either.

You've Got An Interesting Deal There Saskargo And As Fair As It Actually Does Sound I Won't Beleave Wally Would Do It, Not Because Of His High Morral Standards, Far From It. I Don't See It Happening Because With A. Warren And The Fact Avery Isn't Producing I Think Teams That Are Looking At Avery Are Looking At Him For Cheap. With His Recent Injury Problems And That Fact That He's Not Preforming Well Through Not Fult Of His Owe, Teams Will Use That As An Excuse To Get Him Cheap, Maybe Instead Of Avery Have A Young Defensive Player, Like K. Eiban Or Maybe C. Ivory. All The Same Wishful Thinking Saskargo.

I agree that's really wishful thinking Saskargo. Upon further review, we got Avery who hasn't really done anything since coming back from the NFL. Truth be told, he maybe all done. While Baker although being a good receiver, is a headcase. Plus, the Lions have the best receiving corp in the league. Why mess now with a winning combination. As for Printers, it doesn't sound like Wally will trade an MVP and especially since Dickenson is one hit away from CP being back in action.

Come one! Who would trade last year's MVP and possibly the team's future for a failing washed-up so-called runner with 11 yards gains and a receiver with an attitude?

All those who think this is a good trade for BC should PM me. I'll offer you a good deal for my appliances...

um...not happening

That would rank up there as one of the dumbest trades ever made ... Almost as dumb as the Khari Winnipeg/Calgary trade ... that was hilarious!!

If B.C. gives up Printers (arguably one of the best QBs to have ever entered the CFL) for the two biggest head cases on Toronto's roster ... i'll laugh my @ss off ...

Keep dreamin'


The Leos don’t need to make a trade with anyone. They are 3 and 0 and getting better. I’m not sure but I think thay are something like 15 wins in their last 18 games. Anyway…they’re not a team out looking for help. Having said this, Casey Printers in Toronto would be HUGE for the league. Not going to happen though,

this is what i hear:

Westwood and Stoddard to BC
Fletcher and Ivory to WPG
Printers to TOR

Not for Printers i think Edmonton needs Avery back and could use baker too.
So TO gets Moss. But really do they need him :?: Allan is looking good enough to finish 1st in East again..and that mean 1 win from the big game again.
I would say that baker will go for a Defensive player TO has always had a solid D and Sask ate them up most of the game.

the esks dont need RBs, we need an o-line..and besides, i'd rather have Goldie and Elvis than Avery

I have it on good authority that the Esks are going to deal Maas for Avery. pretty sure thats not happening,

I have it on good authority from Marty York that the following will occur shortly:

  1. Pinball for Dumbo (Maas)
  2. Westwood for McCallum
  3. Daly for Burton Cummings and the Guess Who
  4. Higgins for Stephen Harper
  5. Wally for the" Don"

Riders Rule
Esks drool

Turkeybend... sad were the days when you couldn't log in to this site... I'd love to see Higgins for Harper! :smiley:

i would like to see stockwell for daley. and maybe kim campbell as a cheerleader. i might need more therapy.

.........might? about definately..........just back away slowly from the keyboard and put the mouse down buddy.........that's it, slowly now.......

i apologize for giving you that image. i should have at least put a disclaimer on it warning that all readers should have a strong stomach before continuing. :slight_smile:

lol... Next time a mod locks a thread, he should lock Blackdale inside...