Things you might have missed a la Stade....

I'll be writing an article later (for another site) but just a few things you did not see on TV. From the stands.

  • Popps Pottbelly now looks like he's ready to deliver a child.

-On the Anderson TD in the 3rd, not one of the officiating crew signaled a TD. How fast did Trestman send out his point after team. kinda like the London catch last week. For those who have problems with our ST coach.... he sends them out really fast. The ref tried to pause, gave the signal to buddy who waves the yellow flag for TV timeouts but our Als could care less. Way to go Bischoff & Trestman. Home field advantage much? haha

-There was a banner draped under sections M1,N1(the Family Fun Zone) reading... Oh My, Osaisia

-A ref got seriously drilled by a ball when doing the first down signal. Ouchh!! But kept going. The umpire who refed his 400th game in fact. Good for him.

-For those who think Trestman doesnt' get into it..... guess again. He freaks out when the camera isn't on him.

-McCallum practised his field goals at half time and missed 2 of 3.

-Hear that air horn? hahaha. Man we got loud at the end. 23,932 I believe was the attendance. And everyone stuck around. usually there is a mad dash out of the Stade. Not this time. Everyone on their feet going crazy. You shoulda been there.

-The paramedics and security had their hands full. Not sure if it was because of the full moon or a Friday freak out session, but wow. What a gong show on the Upper South Side.

  • They really screwed up the beer service. By the 4th it was warm cans on Molson. By the way don't fumble on of those. For those who've never seen it , they explode. Cool thing is the guy who knocked into another by accident, bought him another. However, the folks who got sprayed not so happy. They did send out a mop crew but the man who got the worst of it was pissed off. Poor guy, he's been a season tix holder for years and very little was done for him. Can you say one less at the stade next time...

-Saw some orange, but not much. The B.C fans I did meet are really chilled out. To be calm and hostile is a strange mix indeed. I'm sure when the Riders show up there will plenty of green. And yes, I will be roasting a mellon on the Trailgate grill.
Last but not least. Blitz is no longer? MIA since the end of July

Cheers, and have a great weekend y'all!
Le Chugg.

they actually showed a clip of Popp walking the track portion with Buono before the game (warm up session probably), Popp does look like he could use an extra lap or two especially when he was beside Buono who looks like he could still strap on the helmet.

With everything Popp has been through a little potbelly is understandable. It's not that bad and I'm closer to him in W2. Attendance was 22,239 only a hundred more than last week. All scoring Plays are reviewed automatically now. That other site needs a serious dose of posters. Not much to read about there.

And in terms of roasting watermelons on the pit we all know what the result was last year.
Saw Jim Barker in TO tonight at a theatre. Being Toronto I was likely the only one to recognize him and I'm from Mtl

Oh and Jim admitted to my dad that AC was better at reading defences than Ray. :thup:

Tell us something we don't know, Jim! :smiley:

Nobody in this league reads the field better than Calvillo. The only guy who did it better in recent years was Dave Dickenson when he was healthy.

Chugga: Great post pointing out game attendance is more fun than on TV!

That's what I find great about McGill. Even at 21-22,000 the atmosphere is great. The empty seats are mostly in the upper corners which means the crowd is well concentrated in the middle.

It hurts to watch Tim Burke on the sidelines in Regina but at least we're closer to clinching third place.

Well slowly but surely I put the final article togeather.
Freaky Full Moon Friday: Stade Experience Aug 31st. Should you wish to check it out, here's the link.

[url=] ... iday-.html[/url]

Thanks for reading.
Le Chugg. :rockin:

I 'liked' it. :thup: