Things we hate about the NFL

Thanks Argofan for pointing out you can return missed field goals, if your gonna conduct a poll, you should have to have a clue about what your talking about. I believe the las returned missed field goal, was at the end of the first half of a Monday night game between Baltimore and Denver in the 2002-03 season. Chris Mccallister took the ball 107 yards, for an NFL return record, of any type of return, kick, punt, INT, fumble, or missed fg, to put the ravens up 33-3, at the half.

By the way getting a point for missing a chip shot field goal seems a lot more ridiculous, than any of the things you brought up about the nfl, what do you do in a tie game with 2 seconds left and your on your opponents 25, kick, or punt it out of the end zone???

Though it needs fixing, the No Yards rule is WAY better than the FC!

I HATE TOUCHBACKS WITH A PASSON!!! the NFL suckes for that, and there is no way to get a Touchback in the CFL unless you want to give up a point or get a OUCHBACK! :lol:

SINGLES RULE! the NFL is astupid league without them.

40 sec is too much time!, in Madden, I can start a play with 22 sec to go or 2 secords in the CFL.

It takes real disapine to play 3 down ball, especilly on the rugby size CFL field. NFL pussies!

I like longer fields than shorter ones, esepecilly when they play 4 downs. It makes no sense that americans play 4 downs on a smaller field! that goes double for AFL!!!

The NFL has two teams in NYC and I think that is worst than the sistuation the CFL had a few years ago with the Roughriders and the Rough Riders (At least you could tell the two apart! or say Ottawa Vs. Saskatchewan, Greenriders Vs. Red Riders, etc.), now has no team in LA (the Jets should relocate out there and build an new identily for themselves instead of living in the Giants shadow!), The Washington team has a nickname that is just as bad as calling a team the Washington N@#$*@s!, the Pats should play in Hartford and not some crap highway town like Foxboro (even the Riders play in the great city of Regina). For a while, they had a team called the St. Louis Cardinals (and everyone made fun of the CFL cuz of the two Riders?) which I think now should be the real Arizonia Coyotes and not the Cardinals, I did have a pickle with the Browns but since they have been defaced by a move and a hiatos (partly cuz of the present of a CFL team in Baltimore), I’ve accepted them. The Packers took Edmonton’s colors and NFL fans clame that Edmonton took GB colors (BS!) while the Packers have tried to chage to Green and Gold, so did the Rams do to Winnipeg in 2000.

and my list goes on and on and on…

It’s Rewarding The Team For Being Able To Get Within 25 Yrds. Of The Endzone. There’s Nothing More Intense Then The Field Goal/Punt That’s Just Out Of Range Cause There’s No Telling What Could Happend. Pointent Case, Last Years Labour Day Classic In Hamilton. Another Example Of This Was In 2000 The Second Last Game Of The Season Winnipeg Needed To Beat Toronto To Keep Their Playoff Hopes Alive, About 30 Sec. Left In The Game With The Score Tied Prefontain Punted It About 10 Yards Deep In The Bombers End Zone, The Winnipeg Returner Ran Directly Towards The Orange Goal Marker, As The Argo Punt Team Closed In He Dove Towards The One Yard Line Getting Pushed Out Of Bounds In His Owe End Falling Short By Meir Inches. Now Tell Me That’s Not Exciting Football.

I agree i hate with being rewarded a point for punting. Reward for coming close, seems like a consolation prize to me. I would rather see the teams take a gamble. That also stinks if your team is pitching a shutout and a team gets that rediculous point.

Dude, it makes sense, if the defence fails to get the offence out of scoring rage, and they kick or punt into the endzone and the defence can’t get it out of there. The offence gets a point for there trouble, and it makes sense with a long feild and 3 downs, etc. That gives the defence an overall advantage!

I hate everything about the NFL, hey blabla227 you should have put that as one of your options hating everything about it

I can’t stand how they run down the clock at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarter…

It’s annoying.

CFL is a way better game.

I don’t like the spiking of the ball by the quarterback in the last two minutes. It’s unfair for the defense.

Wasn’t there a QB who faked a spike and threw the ball downfield for a TD?

I remember two missed field goal returns in the NFL in the past few seasons:

  1. N.Y. Jets at Indianapolis (1998): Jets’ Aaron Glenn returned a missed FG 1by former CFLer Mike Vanderjagt 104 yardas for a TD
  2. Denver at Baltimore (2002): In a Monday Night, Raven Chris McAlister returned a missed FG by Jason Elam 108 yards for a TD

Both returns occured in the last play of the first half.

To steal from William Shakespeare, “How do I hate the NFL? Let me count the ways…”

  1. The lame 40 second clock. This eats up valuable playmaking time where you can actually progress the ball; thus making a more exciting game.

  2. Three timeouts per half. If this isn’t a momentum killer, I don’t know what is. Although, the CFL will have to do something about their timeout situation if they institute instant replay next season.

  3. Fair catch rule. One of the wussiest cop outs in all of professional sports. You’re a return guy on the field. Return the freakin’ kick, for f*** sakes!

  4. Commercial-palooza. I can understand pushing a product, but unless its during a Super Bore, I aint interested. And speaking about Super Bore commercials, which is the most exciting part of the annual spectacle until Nipplegate in Houston, when in the blue hell will the g.d. CRTC air some of the more primo spots instead of us being swamped with countless Global promos? (thank God, no more Train 48 ads)

  5. Curbing the end zone celebarations. This is the reason why many fans call it the “No Fun League”. Granted, T.O. and that Horn guy from New Orleans were over the top, but at least make the celebrations after a touchdown more interesting. That’s why some of the par-tays by the Argos and Bombers are more entertaining that the staleness that wafers from the endzones south of the 49th like a fan in Arizona after enjoying a little too much chili during the tailgate party.

The CFL is a far more exciting, fast-paced game that will give the fans more than what they paid for. And I will still stand by the sign I witness during an Argos-Stallions game in Baltimore back in '95: “The CFL is alive and well. The NFL can go to hell.”

You forgot to put all of the above plus I really hate all the drugs, the wife and girlfreind beatings, and the guns the players carry around with them.

does anyone remember a time when an NFL kick returner came to the CFL and tryed to call a fair catch, but then was just hammered by the return team?

What gets me is the sheer size of the players, I mean I can’t even relate to them. I geuss thats why I like the cfl, mlb, and nhl. I’m 6’ 180 lb. and at least some of the players are my size. They could be anybody walking down the street. Its not so much that I hate it, its more an observation. The nfl players are the best at what they do, you can’t fault someone for being bigger, faster, stronger, but the’re HUGE!

DB’s in the nfl are LBs here, LB’s are rush ends, hell, QB’s in the nfl could be anything but OL in the cfl!

I just realized how dumb this topic is. Do you think NFL fans talk about what they hate about the CFL? People here are just trying to knock the league because you are envious of it. You want the sold out crowds in 60,000 seat stadiums, the constant media coverage. I love both leagues. The post should say “What do you like or dislike about the NFL?” I think the reason why most of you guys dislike the NFL is once a player gets good they leave to play south of the border. Scrolling through the post i realize how little you guys actually know about the NFL. Every league has drug use. The NFL has the strictest drug testing policy of any sport period. If an outsider was to come on to this message board they would see that jealousy is all over this board. :cry:



How did the CFL Adds put this on TV a few years ago?? oh yea…

CFL OUR BALLS ARE BIGGER!!! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if people are jealous or not but all I can say is, like another poster said, I like any kind of football wheteher it be CFL or NFL. Both leagues have their pros and cons. For me, the only reason why I cut down the NFL is because of some Canadian friends who think the NFL IS the only football league and they think the CFL sucks without appreciating it for what it is. I can give credit to any person who enjoys either league but when my fellow Candaians cut down a league that is in their own country then I go on the defensive. I hope this makes sense.

Further to my previous post, I also think CFL fans get pissed off because NFL players, coaches and the media don’t give the CFL any credit. As Rob Johnson said to Doug Flutie when Doug joined the Buffalo Bills, and this is is semi quotes, “Was that some FLAG football league you were playing in up there?” I think it’s the attitude of the the NFL people towards our game and it’s athletes that gets us ripped. As has been mentioned before, if it weren’t for the CFL the NFL would not have enjoyed the likes of WArren MOon, Joe Theisman, etc. I hope this makes sense as well Peter6625.