Things we hate about the NFL

  1. Fair Catch- I think the no yards rule in the CFL is way better. In the CFL you get a chance to return every punt.
  2. Touchback- Why is there no points awarded for a good kick? On punts punters AVOID touchbacks completly because they get nothing out of it.
  3. Missed Field Goals- You can’t return misssed field goals that just says it all.
  4. Field Size- The field is sooo small there is almost no room to move around, the coverage is so tight it’s so hard to make a good catch and break it for a big gain.

All of the above

All those stink, but the fair catch is the worst. Eliminates the return game. Plus, the “no-yards” is safer for players than the fair catch rule.

I like the touch back in the NFL. I like that the kicker has to put the ball within an area and if he doesn’t it gets put at the 20. It makes punts exciting, seeing players trying to down the ball before goes into the endzone. I know it doesn’t allow for returns but a great ount can really change a game in the NFL.

Although I like the CFL punt returns as they are.

Fair catch is the stupidest invention ever. Because of it, punts in the NFL are a good time to take a piss break.

In the CFL, any given punt can completely turn the tide of a game.

Hate the Fair catch rule the most, although touchbacks rate right up there. The touch back sure kills a punters average.

How About The 4 Downs, 2 Minute Warning Clock, And The 45 sec. Play Clock. I Think These Things Make The nFL More Boring Because They’re Ruining The Game ¾ Of The Time While The Special Teams Rules Only Ruin The Game On Kickoffs And 4th Downs.

I realy dont like the small field size!

I personally like the NFL game jsut as much as the CFL game both have thier pros and cons. the only things I dont really like in the NFL are that you cant return missed field goals and two point converts. The field size doesnt affect me and for the endzones I prefer the NFL layout because the uprights dont interfere with receiver routes and passes. The difference in downs doesnt affect me nor does the number of players. I also like the width of the cfl field better it gives more room to make big plays

Access to NFL players ,…very limited.

They are very strict about fan club numbers saying any thing bad about the NFL…

NO Superbowl festival…like our GREY CUP , has.And ours is usually a much better game.

They call them selves WORLD CHAMPS , when only 1 country plays 4 down football at that level.

Watching the WORLD CUP …an American announcer said…

" did you know that more people watch the WORLD CUP of SOCCER , than the SUPERBOWL? "


EMMIT SMITH , said on U.S. national T.V. that that FOOTBALL should be an OYLIMPIC sport…after winning a Super bowl…WHICH countries would the U.S. play, MR. SMITH?

I have been to 4 NFL games in my life…and it is MUCH better on T.V. , with all of their T.V. tricks…than it is in person.

U.S. college games are fun.

The TORONTO media wankers think that the CFL is BUSH , and never have any negitive articles about the NFL…and yet freak out when players come here who have a criminal past.That is one example of 1 standard for the CFL and one standard for all other sports leagues , including the NHL.

If you took all the NFL players out with a criminal record , there would be NO …NFL.

Actually, they can return missed field goals in the NFL. It is rare, but I have seen it several times. Because the goalposts are at the end of the end zone it can only be done if the field goal is a long try and the kick is short. A player will stand in front of the goal posts and get the ball and run it back. It is rarely done, because with the miss, they would get the ball from the point of the kick, but if a team is desperate for a big play, they can return it. Watch the next time a lomg field goal is tried to see if a defending player stands back by the goal line.

I don;t know how you can think it is exciting to watch players circle a ball as it wobbles toward the goal line and give the punter credit for making a good kick. I think the punter makes a good kick if he nails it 70 yards. Here, he may even get rewarded with a single point. I find the NFL kicking game very boring.

I didn’t vote becuase you didn’t even touch on what I don’t like about the NFL - too many timeouts, 40 seconds (i think) to start a play; rules that change late in the game (can’t fumble and recover the ball to gain yards or something like that); too many commercials which coincide with boring punts/ kickoffs as mentioned earlier. I agree with EskJ, you might as well take a dump for 5 minutes because you won’t miss anything besides lots of commercials and a boring kick without any return game.

Thanks Newfie, you reminded me about another pet peeve…Commercials.

Yes…I know the NFL can command the Advertising dollar, but it drives me crazy. Convert-Comericial-Kickoff-commercial. Sheesh, I have enough time to have a “quickie” with the wife between scrimmage plays.

I forgot about the 40 second play clock and the commercials but i think the amount of timeouts is good.

the worse thing about the 40 second pay clock is all the spiking the ball (how exciting to watch) and the amount of time a leading team can get rid of to protect a lead.

The convert-commercial-kickoff-commercial is the most annoying thing. I can’t watch it.

I would love to convert all canadian nfl fans to cfl fans!

I was writing my list when the site drop out AGAIN! My list is so long for the NFL that I try again later.

All of the opions in the poll above SUCK!

I hate the fact that the niners finnished last in the whole NFL last year. That and the fact that when a player goes to the NFL, more than likely he doesn’t get a fair shake. I hope the patriots make it to the superbowl this year and Brady gets injured so Flutie can win the big game.

The thing i hate about the NFL is too amny preseason tickets. Being a Patriots season ticket holder i have to purchase preseasons too.

I also want to respond to a persons comments on how unapproachable these players are. This is a bunch of crap. I have had dinner with a few NFL players after the game in the teams tent. Players have invited me in as a part of there family, and in one case Tebucky Jones now with the Saints invited me to sit at there family table. These players realize their career is short and don’t have their heads blown up. Guys like Anthony Pleasant(now retired), Grey Ruegamer(now with Green Bay), and Damien Woody(now with Detroit). Most of these guys after the game sit out in the back of the stadium parking lot and have a few beers, and shoot the breeze. I went to a game in Buffalo and the away team players invited us in for dinner. The guy is Mac Bledsoe, Drew Bledsoe’s dad, he remembered us from being in the Patriots tent. I just don’t want to have these guys portrayed as a bunch of jerks. Most of the guys in the CFL have been in the NFL at some point, so if you want to call NFL players jerks then so are the CFL players. These guys are not like the MLB players, they are just like you and i except with more money.

Heading up to Montreal for my first CFL game Friday versus Edmonton. Can’t wait to be their.

Amen to Bamboo, however that said, I can watch any football. You like football or you don’t. It wouldn’t matter if it was the college, CFL, NFL or Europe. A few different rules, but the same basic chess game :slight_smile: