Things to improve at home games

  1. Tell Jason Farr to tone it down. He made some strides last year, but I don't need to be told the defense is on the field every other series, or listen to his ridiculous puns and nicknames. Be a professional.

  2. Give the dance team decent uniforms. They are a great group but look like they just came from a workout at the gym. Do we have the only cheer team that wears long pants? I don't expect the Dallas Cowgirls, but come on.

Open more gates. They had one gate open on the north side until about 3 minutes to game time. Long lines, then of course they have to check all of the bags.

One thing I love about other stadiums is how the fans have that chance to just mess with the opposing team with the atmosphere, thats damn near impossible when the second the crowd got ramped up during the Argos game, Jason Farr would chime in with some silly point and drown everyone out. I remember even watching some of the games on TV last year where you could hear the fans so clear Mosaic Stadium or even at Skydome, but when I was watching the Ivor Wynne games I could hear Jason Farr sometimes over the commentators, I mean c'mon..

win more games :smiley:

no, they will win enough to satisfy me, im hoping :cowboy:

but one thing i would like to see is the fly over just before kick-off be lower, i know before it was pretty cool
when it was lower, now they fly over so high, its still neat, but it doesnt get people yelling and chearing right off the start, and if people are, before the game even starts, the players may feed on that.....on the other hand i could be totally off base.

They the city should have improved the lighting in the stadium it is to dark in there once the sun goes down there are shadows all over the place. Mc Masters university has beautiful lighting in it's stadium

So? Farr is unique and I like his style. He's just as excited as we are when the Ticats score and he should be. Hate the commentators that are the jabroni style, where it's: hurry this f'ing game up, I wanna cash my cheque before the bank closes.... oh, uh Touchdown Bombers....

I'd rather: Otis Floyd!!!!!!@ 95 Yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Touchdoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn tiger cattttttttttttsssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Farr represents the fan base that is totally out of their minds at ticats games, and I think people take him for granted. I can let the minor thing's slip like how he announces the Dfense is on the field all the time and screws up the occasional name, because I like the way he bring's out the players at the start of the game and like his style of calling out TD's. He's one of a kind, and I'm glad the Ticats picked him up. And Tbh, the worst announcer for going over commentators during the game is defnitely the announcer in Winnipeg. His voice bothers me and he's the most unenthuastic person on the planet.

Jason, is that you? :lol:

All kidding aside, this might be the only pro-Farr post I have seen on this site.

I know lol, it's ridiculous. I understand what people don't like about him, but they're making a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be. While we're heavily persicuting for minor offences, I just saw a little kid run across the street NOT at the proper intersection. All jay walkers should receive severe beatings and be sentenced to 2 years in jail. Time to get out the ol beat down stick aka a 2x4.:wink:.In all seriousness though, I've never met a fan face to face that didn't like Farr, it's mostly the posters on this forum. And if he was so bad at his job, why has he been at it for 5 years? Your opinions won't matter, whine and complain about the guy all you want he's staying. Seen 3-4 of these threads about Farr this off-season :roll:

Everyone has an opinion. I believe that is why this topic was raised.

Put me down for negative when it comes to Jason Farr - maybe if we won a few games I could tolerate him - but he's like a cheerleader at a funeral.

And improve the PA system. Far too loud where we are while others compalin they can't hear.

Don't Rep the photo Tickets Scan them ... it kills he Value for collectors

Our tickets have value???

Who knew?

They do scan them now. Last game against the Argo's they used scanners. In fact I still have that ticket in mint condition, you wouldn't even guess I'd used it if you didn't see the date.

Things to improve about the Ti-Cat Forums

Cut down on the complaining.

The season hasn't even started yet. The team has had what looks to be the best off season since 1998 and still people find a way to find a way to put a damper on my excitement for this season.

I know times have been tough in the Hammer but let's try and be possitive for at least a few weeks.

Go Cats!

Cut the beer prices... $8 + for a Tall Boy come on now...

Farr is even too much when watching a game on TV. Sounds like a monster truck or wrestling announcer. Very obnoxious indeed. For me that kind of announcing is insulting to the fans intelligence.

another one that comes to mind is when the visiting team is being introduced... the intro is very messy.

often times the name is being said for the guy that has already come out while the guy that was after the guys name that's being said is on his way out.

it is just unorganised

yes, they have the value of a "breakfast sandwich of equal or lesser value" than "any mcmuffin sandwich"

Fireworks wednesday, win or lose. it is Canada-day, afterall !!!

What ever happened to that cannon they shot off after a Ti Cat Touch down. Or even shoot fire works like they also did before.Or be the first Stadium in the CFL to have the sounds like when a goal is scored in a NHL game.

Also my friends and I have boxs seats in Section E row 1 for the past 3 years and we haven’t seen 1 prize or even a t shirt come our way or to anyone in our section. Seems everyone that wins or gets the give aways are always in the higher seats…whats up with that ?

I think Farr isn't too bad. I think it annoys us because the speakers are so loud.

The dance team usually unveils their uniforms on the regular season opener. That's what they have done the past few years.