Things the Commish didn't address yesterday

It has to do with Cable subscribers dumping packages by the thousands every month. Every sport's viewership is affected some even more so then the CFL, NASCAR, F1, UFC come to mind. Its very misleading for the media shills to tie drops in attendance in the CFL without stating that this is happening across the board. Canadians watch less and less TV and Cable TV in particular. Netflix , Crave, Chromecast and others are changing how people watch "tv".

Firstly, the biggest joke of the news conference were the questions asked by the so called reporters. Perhaps asking something that Joe Fan might be interested in, instead of veiled condemnations. Trash Madani's "Rooney Rule" question was totally ridiculous. Why not have a rule to mandate how many Canadians have to be interviewed?

I was in the biz 20 some years ago and the dumbing down of the people paid to report to us is scandalous.

I'm not yet sold on this commissioner, he looked uncomfortable, but so could Cohon at times, but Cohon had the brains behind the throne, Copeland, and I don't know who that person is for Orridge now.

Not impressed with the Commish's address.
Seemed to manage to avoid answering any of the questions other than, the website will be updated shortly.
The reporters didn't help either, most of the questions are just repeats.

Makes me nervous when he spoke about possibly increasing video review. One thing on pass interference, if it is a bang, bang play, then don't even bother making the call or reviewing. If you can't see it, at full speed, then whatever contact there was happened in fractions of seconds. Unless, its a fumble or ball touching the ground, super slow motion replay shouldn't be used. Also, they need to put a time limit on these reviews, I think sometimes they look so long they convince themselves there is or isn't a call instead of just trusting what they are seeing.

I still think the CFL should be looking at a video game. It is not something that is going to make the league money, in fact they would probably have to fully fund a developer to make the game. However, a video game is not only a product, it is also a form of marketing that reaches all ages. Also, they wouldn't have to fund the cost by putting out a game every year, which is a complete joke for any sports franchise game, all they would have to do is put out roster and rule updates. Maybe release a new game every 2-3 years.

P.S. still think the new logo is horrible. Can't wait to see the new jerseys with a gray blotch on the colour with a fleck of red that is supposed to be a maple leaf.

I think the CFL might have hired itself a Poser. Ptetty pathetic this is the best they could find who would take the job.

Again, I heard the same thing about Cohon and Wright early on...

Wright was a wimp.
Cohon was a tanned, pretty boy with a rich father.

Orridge will grow into the job.

And you're a hack....

Wright was the most effective Commish the league ever had. Many of his initiatives are still felt. SMS. Strengthening the TV deal with TSN. Most of the National sponsorship (many wiped out since sadly). Promoting the game in Atlantic Canada. Negotiating with OSEG.

Cohon was very charismatic and owns the most successful marketing campaign in the history of the CFL for the 100th GC season. Unfortunately Braley never lifted one finger the following year to invest on that. Eventually Cohon walked away without another gig to go to ! and his right arm man Copeland didn't even want to interview for the job and left for the Argos soon after Orridge's arrival.

I don't see anything in this guy that will make the league stronger. He's already bungled the doping program. A GC that needed Nissan buying a couple thousand tickets to claim a sellout. He's not charismatic at all, no passion for the game...
You can't sell the CFL if your not passionate about it. It just won't work.

Agreed,.Orridge is far from polished speaker. As long as the league's revenes grow....long term....then his tenure will be looked at favorably....the owners may not like him but they don't have a history of supporting the ones they hire.

Jeffrey has some big shoes to fill. Cohon was a very well liked commissioner which is very rare.

He will learn on the job. For those who say he didn't address any questions or issues, listen to some Bettman pressers.

Commish Orridge appears to lack any backbone whatsoever.

After approving the RB's Loggersports team (who cut log cookies after TD's) at the Grey Cup sidelines, Orridge has now caved to the Esks demands that they be banned from the game...

[u]Loggers banned after Esks raise stink[/u]

[b]WINNIPEG -- Way to go, Edmonton, way to take some of the fun out of the Grey Cup.

After a complaint from the Eskimos, Algonquin College's Loggersports team, which saws off a wood cookie after each RedBlacks touchdown at home games, won't be allowed on the sidelines for Sunday's Grey Cup.
The CFL had OK'd the Loggersports, but changed its mind on Saturday, with the five "loggers" already en route to Winnipeg.

"I don't know fully all the precedents," said Hunt. "But Calgary, I've seen their horse at Grey Cups ... which is great. I know the Grey Cup is a very serious athletic competition and everybody wants to win. I get all that. I also know the Grey Cup is fun and sporting events are fun. Part of the fun, part of the routine of a RedBlacks game is we do that log cutting after a touchdown. It's neat to have a forum to share that with the country. It's all about fun.[/b]

[url=] ... aise-stink[/url]

That's a real shame. Just shows the league is being run by a handfull of owners/governors, generally from the western block. Short term, it's best Mr. Hunt take the high road and bring this up in the off season

Sadly, I doubt the situation would be different with another commissioner.

Other Commissioners have allowed the Stampeders horses and various teams mascots and such at Grey Cups over the years so I don't see why Orridge would bow to the Esks demands after approving the RedBlacks Loggers in the first place.

and to ban the Loggers at the very last minute after they had already boarded the plane to Winnipeg is not a classy move.

I agree there a precadence was set. But it comes down the power block in the west as opposed to the commissioner IMO. Hence Calgary can bring the horses but Ottawa cannot bring in the loggers.

Not saying it's right cause the loggers should be there as you mention they were already en route. Not really sure how to change it outside of a turnover within the governors, get a few dinosaurs out of there, but that will take a long time.

I don't know what to make of this commish. As a former CBC shill, he's supposed to be a great negotiator, I guess time will tell.

First OTT is banned from using Rough Riders and now no Lumberjacks allowed on the field by West Team Owners
If Braley is considered a West Owner(which he is), then every Grey Cup in recent memory has gone to West ownership. :expressionless:

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
"I'm disappointed that Edmonton would take this position. What can I do about it? Nothing." - @JeffHuntOT #CFL #RedBlacks via @TimCBaines

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Commish can do something about it. He can say "No" to the #Esks. There is NO competitive disadvantage to #letthemsaw. That's bogus. #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
It's petty, it's silly, and it's bullying by an organization (#Esks) strongarming the #CFL - @TimCBaines #RedBlacks

CFL News ?@CFL_News
#CFL had OK'd the Loggersports, but changed its mind on Saturday, w/ the 5 "loggers" already en route to Winnipeg. - @TimCBaines #RedBlacks[/b]

Every time there are changes,there will always be some critics; it applies to the Commish and the new logo. The CFL "bashers' are happy.

I don't assist/watch CFL games because of the logo; before the introduction of the new logo, you would have asked fans how did the old logo looked and, most probably, the great majority would not have known. With the 2015-2016 off-season almost here, fans will worry more about the potential free agents on their teams and will they be signed; they will worry about star players would were injured during the 2015 season. The new logo will be off their minds.

With regards to the Commish what do the critics expect? Is he to blame for the injuries to the QB's in 2015? Is he to blame because the Argos had to play many home games elsewhere? Is he to blame for the great season the Blue Jays had and the impact on the CFL ratings?

While the Commish has been in place for only 8 months, the followings did happen:

  • Sale of the Argos and a new home for them. Great for the league/scheduling. I know, he may not have been the most involved in the sale, but the final signatures occurred while he was in place.

  • Extension of TSN and RDS broadcast deal through the 2021 season.

  • Year 2015 was the strongest year in history,except 100th Grey Cup year, for partnerships sales.

  • CFL and CFLPA are closing in on agreement for new drug policy.

I have complete confidence in the Commish and I wish him and the League-including the Players- the best.


What should be the new Commish’s first priority this year
1.- A new Drug Testing Policy
2.- A new Lumberjack Policy

so far he has fumbled on both


There was also competition from the Womens World Cup of Soccer.

As to the flags I think it's due in part to the players having less practice time.

I think that next season will be the real test when things go back to a more normal level of competition.

??? :roll:

Agree on both. I was just saying what others had said, early in their tenure, and they both became terrific Commissioners.

That's fair. Let's just give him a little time.


Anyone else think this might be revenge for the "Eskimos should change their name" bs out of Ottawa?