Things that make you go huh?

so I fan across an article that had the following phrase in the title

" illegal Russian agent in the US"

I would like to know what a legal Russian agent in the US is.


A legal Russian Agent would have to be certified with the American Agents society. This could be someone as innocent as someone who represents Ovechkin. In the case of a spy they have to declare their intentions at the border before entry into the country and refrain from wearing misleading clothing.


That's so true. After they're certified they can become card carrying Secret Agents and join either the 'Control' or the 'Kaos' Spy Union for collective bargaining purposes.



If I still worked at my previous placement, I might have been able to find out.

I used to work at the Department of Redundancy Department.

Until they declared my position superfluous.

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Wouldn't a superfluous position in Redundancy be essential?
Two negatives multiplied together become a positive.


so I am browsing thru a list of only in Japan inventions as per

Brilliant Inventions That Only Exist In Japan | Investing Magazine

and I find the following

" 73. Turning Train Seats

What it is: Train seats that rotate
Invented: 2008
Average Price: N/A (Usually not for sale)

In Japan, rotating technology is very popular. Train seats are no exception, and train lines such as Shinkansen, a bullet train, allow you to rotate your seat around to face the window or other passengers, if you’re traveling in a group (probably not a good idea to randomly face strangers)."

Say what?

I dont know about todays via or yesterdays CP passengers cars, or anywhere else in the world, but I remember back in the 70's riding in CN passenger cars where we could and did turn seats about to face each other or when not too full, we could have four seats to ourselves and stretch out to sleep.

That shirt says alot by saying very little.


What? No picture of Agent 99​:rofl::joy:


Maybe Natasha from back in the day for Rocky and Bullwinkle? I wonder if she has a modern real-life look-a-like? I bet she's legal too.

Speaking of all this agent secrecy around here lately, I read somewhere that this cheesy lip-synched performance of this secret agent song took place in Canada.

There is the artist standing on what appears to be a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup with who appear to be two zombie-moms behind him doing a secret dance.

Great song but strange production:

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Sounds like he's singing "Secret Asian Man"

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Johnny Rivers, first concert I went to. I was about 12.
Won Tix from a radio station. Huh?

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Wait, were you at this show? At the awkward age of 12, were you still old enough to hit on the ladies there? Story time?

Back in the day, my hair was below my shoulders, my blue (snap up) plaid shirt, bell bottoms jeans. I probably could have dated the 11 year old girl nextdoor. If I could just look her in the eyes. Huh?



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I was saddened to learn last week that our state liquor stores will no longer sell Russian Standard, which is my favourite brand of vodka.

Those legal Russian agents of the importer are obviously out of work now.

Now I shall find a proper substitute, but I am kicking myself for not stopping in to grab a handle for the summer.

FWIW I did find an off-brand vodka made from Canadian wheat a few years ago, which was on sale and was surprisingly smooth.

It passed for my drinks in lieu of the costlier Russian Standard.

I knew it. Not only as a moonlighting surgeon that you are, but you have a small stack of secret agent cards in your wallet don't you?

There are secret agents and secret double agents, but you are a secret multiple agent.

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Try Viking Vodka. Made in Vancouver.

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It's hard to keep the 'secret' part a secret if everyone knows about it. How did James Bond manage to make a living as a spy? Everyone knew he was there.

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For sure. All the villains knew him except for Blofeld's people, and when #11 failed to kill him and you well know the rest.

But the villains were far more secretive and had to hide away, and Bond took advantage of that reality by enjoying the life in between missions and of course none of the women knew him so he was really sly about that the most.

This was expert level secrecy on display for years. Bond was so good at being secret that he could hide in plain sight, which of course we have discussed amidst your early failures in such regards though they are understandable.

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I was going to write a two part book with the first part entitled: 'My Early Failures'. But then I decided to hold off on that tome until I came up with a title for the second book concerning my later failures.

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