Things that make you go hmmmm...

Sean Fitz-Gerald, National Post

Published: Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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...there are risks. Draft picks and prospects are not guarantees.

The Ticats could never reach a contract agreement with Mace,

who has spent most of the past two seasons
on the Buffalo Bills' practice roster.

[u]And his agent, Paul Sheehy, said

he had not heard from Argos general manager Adam Rita, or his assistant, Greg Mohns.[/u]

"Personally, I don't think it's ever a smart move to trade for a player who is not under contract

without first reaching out to the agent to see what the parameters of a deal would be,"
Sheehy said in an e-mail.

"So do I ‘expect' talks to begin? Not from this end at this point in time, no.

If the Argos want to talk, by all means they can call."

Mace, from Port Moody, B.C., is only 23 years old.

Practice roster players earn a minimum of $1,500 US
a week in the National Football League.

Teams are allowed to pay more, if they choose.

"Corey is an NFL-calibre player so it will take a great proposal
to change that mindset as we sit here today," Sheehy wrote.

"Never say never. Greg and Adam know how to get deals done
when they want a guy. They are both good at what they do."

Shocking in more ways than one.

I just had a vision of Mace. Sitting in a rocking chair, phone at his side, waiting for it to ring, as he has done for more years than he can count. Secure in his knowledge that the NFL will realize the mistake they made a few decades earlier when they did not invite him back to the practice roster. Waiting ... rocking.

Hehe sounds about right. Can you say egomaniac?? He's a legend in his own mind.

Can't make the club in the tub. Or the pay phone booth. The man has to make his way on a field -- ANY FIELD -- and perform. Cam Wake did, follow THAT example.

Oski Wee Wee,

To Do List:

  1. Fire agent.....
  1. ???

  2. Profit!

And I thought before that this trade was a steal. Wow now its starting to look like we frisked the blue team blind. If he was a NFL caliber player, guess what, HE WOULD BE PLAYING IN THE NFL.

Nothing like hiring and ass kissin yes man to ruin a career.

(1) Steel Underpants
(3 )profit

He will come to a CFL camp next season humbled and willing to earn his stripes, you'll see.

I'd love to see the Argos trade his rights to some other team. Mace would have to be the first guy ever to belong to four different CFL squads before he ever stepped on a practice field. Heck, he might already hold the record at three.