Things that give me hope (Authored by a Negative Nellie)

Now, don't confuse me for one of those "rose coloured glasses" individuals, as that is the last thing that I am.

I've personally watched year after year (decade after decade) of crap from this franchise, and I'm completely jaded, cynical, and .

However, just over these last few days, something struck me, that makes me look forward to next year.

Think back, wayyyyy back to the US expansion.

New teams, new coaching staffs, and for the most part, brand new 100% American rosters.

How did those franchises make out? Dig out your history books and have a look-see. Other than Baltimore, they were garbage.

And my point?

Our team, the Ticats, started off the same way this year, with a new roster and coaching staff.

Have we performed well in 2007? The obvious answer is no. We've s*cked large, and were an embarrasment to the league.

Now, here's the good part.

Think nucleus.

Think no major roster turnover.

Think no major coaching staff turnover (other than the obvious Ed O'Neil)

Think new draft picks.

Think another year for Baumann to mature.

Think (hopefully) the return of Mareno and Setta.

We have to build (not gut) in the off-season, and good things will be on the way.

I'm not thrilled with our GM for some of his absolute garbage trades, but here's hoping that he can bolster the roster in the off season.

We're not that far off from respectability.

Believe it or not....


blah blah blah, if we don't spend money next year then we'll be back in this same spot, and there's no reason not to, the contracts are non guaranteed so you can always just release players to create cap space, hence there is no reason to spend 'smartly', they just say that to hide the fact we do things on the cheap here. Another year of signing nothing but rookies will result in another long season. Listen to Danny Mac and bring in some vets. The major problem is we have a very low football iq, so obviously more rookies will not make that go away, we need smarter players.

Please, don’t speak for all of us.


The team does, which is why we lead the league in turnovers and dumb penalties and blown coverages and missed blocking asignments and wrong routes run etc etc.

Have you agree with you drexl.

Penalties for too many men in the huddle...penalties for illegal formation (no end) WEEK 17?????

Low football IQ indeed.

8) I agree wholeheartedly, low football IQ for sure!!!!!!
:) :D :rockin:

When a player lacks experience, the game
seems to move really fast for him.

No matter how talented a player is,

even a split second delay in decision making
leads to mistakes, and blown assignments

from simple things like blocking and tackling
to poor route running and making incorrect reads.

The CFL is a very complex game and it is
completely new to many of our U.S. players.

Having said that...

It gives me hope that many of
this year's new players stood out
and consistently made their plays.

[ i.e. Zeke Moreno, Terry Caulley,
Nautyn McKay-Loescher, Charlton Keith
Cedric Gagne-Marcoux and Peter Dyankowski.]

I am confident that the rookies
we bring back will make their plays

and make fewer mistakes next year.