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Tough questions, snappy answers

Confessed film forger Cvetkovic
owes his career to huge fraud

By: Ed Tait 5/07/2009

Winnipeg Free Press


CVETKOVIC: I was a receiver in college and the third-string long-snapper.

FREE PRESS: Third string? How the heck did you land this gig, then?

CVETKOVIC: True story that not a lot of people know:

I wasn’t a very good long-snapper in college

and I actually put our starter,
Rob Malone, on my highlight tape

that I sent out to CFL teams.

I put six snaps on my tape and it was
actually him in four of the six snaps.

FREE PRESS: You’re kidding me…

CVETKOVIC: No. Rob Malone was awesome. And I send him thank-yous every so often.

What I did was cut the film off before he started running
down the field because he was a big, chunky lineman.

So Saskatchewan signed me as a fullback and long-snapper.

I thought, ‘I really don’t know anything about long-snapping’
so I worked on it the whole off-season until my first training camp

and here I am eight years later…