Things just dont' get better for Saskatchewan...

...heading into the bye week when things should be nice and easy has the bye week ahead by 6.5 points....

Hmm, I don't think Saskatchewan can possibly win against the bye week, 6.5 points probably isn't enough.

The Bye Week D is looking strong, any guesses on how many times Durant will turn over the ball?

The bye week is pretty banged up at receiver though, I think the Riders can snap the losing skid.

The 2 time defending Western Division Champs, who gave away the 2009 Grey Cup because they can't accurately count to 12, who started the season 1-7 and lost the Toilet Bowl to a 1-6 team that did EVERYTHING in its power to give them the comeback win and you mean to tell me it could get WORSE! :twisted:

Who knows, they might get Fantuz back as according to this, he hasn't made much of an impression although this article is dated somewhat:

Andy Fantuz, a CFL star, looked like a sleeper to make the team when he was signed in the offseason. But he's hardly made an impression

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...would fantuz make more on the bears practice squad then if he returned to regina? curious to know..

probably make more being the water boy I've found that a player on a NFL practice (scout) squad makes about $89-90 grand a season. Probably a little less than what AF would be offered if he returned to the riders, assuming he would be key to their needs so floating out a $110K to $125K offer wouldnt' seem unreasonable...however, I would imagine that would be pro-rated though for the remainder of the season it would amount to maybe $60K or so... a no-brainer, assuming he makes the scout squad for the Bears there's no way he'd return...

A practise roste player in the NFL makes 80-90K to my understanding. With the Riders he would be making in the order of $150K.

how much does the waterboy make?

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Waterboy: $53,000 in US funds. I would go for that.

I assume we have cfl players dressing for games that make less??

[quote="FootbalYouBet"]how much does the waterboy make?
I assume we have cfl players dressing for games that make less??[/quot

That's likely true FYB; however it's tough finding anything about the CFL on the interent for that matter. For the NFL there is more articles and details on given salaries. What I did find is that Equipment managers in the CFL can make anywhere from $30.000 and up depending on experience I would think.

I'm confident. The Riders should beat the bye week in OT. 8)

According to Dave Naylor, Fantuz was scheduled to make $160,000 with the Riders this season.

...for a full season yes, with the season now half-over would that be cut to $80K? I would think so, putting it pretty much equal to the salary he could earn on the scout squad in Chicago...

There is one potential huge difference here between NFL practice squad and a CFL roster:

Those making an NFL practice squad MINIMUM near $90K for an entire season have little job security with no contract beyond a week at all, as any given week you can be cut and be out of a job unless picked up by another team for its actual roster. It's like being in training camp all season and many make far less than that amount for a season, for if you miss a week and are not picked up then no money for you for that week.

Contrast that state of affairs with guaranteed CFL money with an actual contract for the rest of the season and often beyond.

Also note that there are a few NFL practice squad players who make more than the minimum, but I don't understand fully the thinking behind that practice.

..I never considered the 'could be cut at anytime' aspect, so yeah that is a big gamble...but the gamble is a two way street too, in that he could be elevated to the actual roster over time due to other players getting injured and then the league minimum ($285K give or take?) would kick in....

I don't think he's shown enough for the Bears to keep him around on the practice roster. I checked the Bears website and he's the 3rd oldest WR on the team, chances are they'd pick a younger guy to hang around on the practice roster.