things i'd like to see in next CFL TV deal

  • $20million ( $2.5 mill each team )or more per season PLUS an additional $1.25mill per season if ONE expansion team is added during the term of the contract, and $5mill if TWO teams are added...thus, if the league gets to 10 teams, every team still gets $2.5mill per season, and with 2 more teams, thats more games for TSN/CTV to broadcast each week.

  • cut pre-game show about 5 mins early and go to field level and broadcast the player intros...i love seeing how different stadiums have different routines during the hometeams entrances.

  • Friday Nite Football moved from TSN to CTV ( which has the same mass audience of CBC, and should see a rating boost because of this )

  • instead of dave, chris, matt and jock in the studio on friday nite football, they should be broadcasting live from the stadium, so fans are in the backround chanting the hometeams name, waving signs and the stadium vibe is in your livingroom! it also makes FNF stand out more from the other weekly games, and is more the 'marquee' game of the week.

  • if we get ottawa back, FNF gets broadcast live from each stadium Twice per season.

I think Points # 2 and # 4 are achievable! The other two points may take time to work on them.

sounds ike a pretty good plan to me, but I'd ike to see the numbers doubled. I think the CFL is grossly under-valued and I would. Why oes the CBC pay the numbers they do for the NHL and then talk numbers like 15-20 million for the CFL for 5 years?

I think all the ideas are good and achievable. The networks simply need to stop denying that Canadians do love the CFL and start paying accordingly to broadcast the games. The networks KNOW they are getting off like thieves in the night by only shelling out what they do for the broadcast rights. The game and league are worth at least twice as much!

CFL is only an 18 game season x 8 teams PLUS short playoff season.

NHL is an 82 game season x 30 teams PLUS lots of playoff games.

hence, why the NHL gets more money

All good and attenaible points.
On previous occasions I thought a minimum $20M per year is in reach, but I now firmly believe how $25M is maybe even low and especially with the numbers although a slight decrease this year. But, when compared to the big hit the NHL took as evident a few days ago, the CFL as the second best sports property in Canada, may soon challenge for the top.
The Grey Cup of 4M+ viewers each year is the top.

drummer god...the NFL only has 16 games a season, and look at the dollars they get. The point is not the numbers of games, it's the perceived value. I think the networks love the CFL, love the numbers of viewers it delivers and feel like right now they are getting a sweet deal. 20 million for 5 years with a property that delivers 4 million people for its championship every year. Thats tops in Canada for any television program except the Oscars (I believe). I think the networks are getting a h**l of a lop-sided deal. I wonder if the the CFL shouldn't consider doing their own network again (a la Leafs TV), and selling the advertizing themselves?

comparing the american NFL TV deal to canadian CFL TV deal is apples and oranges...2 different countries....the NFL gets american viewers with ratings that are high compared to other american shows.

stick to comparing Canadian Broadcast Rights to Canadian Broadcast Rights....NOT C.B.R. to American.B.R.

unless your saying TSN should pay the CFL ALOT more then its paying to broadcast the NFL in canada.

but u were talkin about NHL, and the NHL reg.season ratings are almost double CFL reg.season ratings, plus theres alot more games.

DG - I think we both agree we want to see the CFL get more money out of its next deal. I wasn't comparing the US to Cnada, merely saying that a network paying more than a billion dollars for the rights to the NFL has more to do with perceived value than actual and I'd like to see the CFL be treated in the same fashion. But again, I totally agree with you, the CFL deserves at least the kind of money you're talking about. I do think the CFL is under-valued, and we probably all could agree to that.

You bring up a great point you or does anyone else know what TSN paid for its Canadian NFL rights?

We all know how Global pays the NFL $20M annually for the rights and that is a rediculously high amount for the low TV numbers garnered.
So the CFL should play it close to the chest and start negotiations with the different networks at a minimum $25M per year.
Of course, negotiations are a two way street but the last several years and contracts have been so one sided for the TSN/CBC network that now is the time to make up for the "theft" that occurred.
Now, we can all thank TSN for basically overpaying the first deal in the mid 90's when the league almost went under and also for the network in building up the league and the great signature Friday Night Football.
But, the time has come now for the league to "cash in" and hopefully use the leverage of TSN/CTV vs. CBC vs Sportsnet vs Global.

20 million...that's ridiculous!

Totally agree, the time has come to show the CFL the money.

Some of us have been saying this for years.
The time has come for the CFL.
Oh yes, during the last TV contract Global did bid higher and offered $11M annually from the current $9.5M and they wanted to show all of the games on Saturday, like NFL on Sunday.
We all agree how it was a good thing the league stayed with TSN and the current schedule of showing the games over several days per week is much better.

The problem with a CFL network , is that they wouldn't be able to fill the time slots...and the cost would be more than the CFL could bear.

I think however, a CFL pay-per-view channel would work, maybe sell packages of various prices to the fans. Say something like $5 per game.

I am not so sure about that, with the numbers garnered it would not be impossible to sellout.
In the late 80's the CFL had its own network for the partial season and I recall it was doing reasonably well back then.

I would like all games to be televised nationally.

1 game Friday at 7:30.
1 game Saturday at 7:30.
2 games Sunday at 1:00 and 4:00.

Also, an end to bye weeks would be nice - has any decision been made regarding this?

i agree with the above.

no BC lions games at 10pm thursday or friday...all lions home games should be saturday or sunday during afternoon hours....Unless they are doing my proposed FNF thing from BC place.

There are a lot of good points expressed here. I have heard that TSN was ready to up the value of the next T.V. deal but that CFL marketing rights may also have to be put on the table to get the money that we are talking about here. Whether the league wants to take that risk will take a lot of discussion among the owners.

What exactly are the CFL's "marketing rights"?

Does this mean that TSN will be the only entity allowed to use CFL intellectual property?

I don't understand.

I hope the CTV/TSN wins the entire slate of games with FNF, the playoffs & Grey Cup on network television. I''ve had enough with the great CFL game being butchered by CBC.

My hope would be that CFL games get put on the NFL Network so that it could be exposed to an even higher number of football fans and possibly grease the wheels to getting the Grey Cup on network US televsion and thereby getting even more money to the League for broadcast rights.

Geez, even if they paid the CFL 1 dollar, it wuld be 1 dollar more than they get for all those cable stations in the US now!