Things I will be watching in tonight's games...

Here are some of the things I will be looking for in tonight's games for each team:

TORONTO -- the QB situation has been talked endlessly about, but the thing I will be watching is how their running game will be. Avery is not the starter, so I will be interested to see who their starting back is and how much of an impact he will make.

BC-- They are still the team to beat, IMO, but are they as good as last year? Is Joe Smith capable of being a 1,000 yd rusher in the CFL.


WINNIPEG-- Are the Bombers capable of winning the East? IMO, Kevin Glenn must elevate his game for this team to be a GC contender. Glenn still has to prove he is a #1 QB in this league.

EDMONTON-- the Esks can move ball, but can they finish? It was a still a problem for them in the pre-season. They need to be better in the red zone,to finish drives and not turn over the ball or come away with 3pts instead of 7. With all the changes they have made , how long will it take them to gel as a team, especially on defence.

Excellent views sambo I couldn't agree more! What are you looking for from your Riders this week in Montreal?

Im still not sold on the pass oriented offence. Having a great ariel attack is nice, but I feel a good ground attack keeps a defence honest. I want to see how the secondary does as well. Everyone seems to think that we were “decimated” with Morgan and Bush signing elsewhere, but they looked solid in the pre-season games, so hopefully it will carry over into the regular season.

knowone thinks your secondary was decimated, we KNOW your secondary was decimated

Well cornholer.. how many points did Calgary get agaisnt your starters? Oh thats right ... 28.. Burris got absolutely ZILCH against our starters.. then the Stumps got 21 pts AFTER we took our starters out... so tell me, who should be concerned about their D more.. YOU or me?

...what I'll be looking at in tonight's games:

the screen

I'll have to let TSN decide what I'll actually get to see....

lol... good one R&W... but I did say what I'll be looking FOR in my original post..not what Im looking AT

I'll be looking FOR (snicker) an ice cold paralyzer in my hand come halftime.....and a couple good games - about friggin' time!

'Tis a wonderful day, after a looooong offseason. Finally we can forget about threads dealing with expansion to Iqaluit, Frank D'Angelo, and whining about who did and who did not get released, and talk about real football games!!!

That made me laugh.

I'll be watching the cheerleaders when the camera's zoom in on them. Time for me to get that big screen TV before I kick the bucket, I want to go out in a bang at least, football style. 8)

You look stupid in two way with this post. First of all, “knowone” looks ridiculous. And secondly, you didnt hear about how Burris got shut down against us, compared to when he scored quite a bit on you guys…

Yes yes all of the above for sure, I started at noon (central) already.

The BC TO tilt is a great game to kick things off. Look for the BC defense to come out flying and for McMahon to establish himself as TO's number one guy.

The Wpg Edm game will probably be dominated by the defenses. Turnovers and penalties, whoever commits the least, will probably decide a low scoring snoozer.

You can forget about a run offence as long as Kent Austin is your coach. As a player he thought a running play was like a slap in the face.
You could have Kenton Keith, Charles Roberts, and Joffrey Reynolds in your backfield and probably wouldn't rush for 100 yards a game.

Well, the Cats will be damn lucky even to have any kind of offence this season, Dave... :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting choice in McMahon piggy. He certainly has a shot, though both Crouch (who is underrated IMHO), and Bishop have looked good in the past too.

Will be a dogfight for the starting job there. Arrrrgos are in an enviable position at QB.

true lol, but at least they have Corey..

BC vs Toronto game both teams have new offensive schemes like most teams in the CFl but I will watch how effective both have adjusted.
Predict BC win

Winnipeg vs Edmonton
This will be a good early test for both teams. How does Edmontons rookies do against the Bombers. I would not take Edmonton to lightly in this one.
Predict Edmonton win.

I think Winnipeg will pull it out.

rob Black and danny Mac....nice ring to it.

gotta love edmontons yellow pants.
i hope they stick with this look all year.